Chapter 2: Chapter 2

KFC stood in the eye of the storm, standing in the weapon hall, looking calmly at Daroque. He looked at the commander of the royal guards who had unfortunately been sent to complete this mission. Beside him stood dozens of his comrades. All of them were Silver Guards who had been on the battlefield for a long time. What was Daroque thinking? Did he really think that he could walk into the weapon hall and try to arrest KFC, who was the most beloved member of the royal family among all his comrades? Did he really think that others would stand by and watch him do this?

He had greatly underestimated the Silver Guard's loyalty to KFC. Even though Darkoque came with a legal accusation, KFC suspected that his brothers would allow him to be taken away, not to mention that the accusation was not legal. They would be loyal to him for the rest of their lives. This was the Silver Guard's belief. If his brothers were threatened, he would have the same reaction. After all, all of them had trained together all their lives to fight together.

KFC could feel a quiet and tense atmosphere. At this moment, the members of the Silver Guard were raising their weapons and pointing at the only group of royal guards. These guards had moved away from where they were standing, and they looked even more uneasy now. They must know that if someone among them made a move, the scene would definitely turn into a massacre. Everyone was very wise, and no one made a move. All of them stood there, waiting for their commander, Darko.

Daroque swallowed his saliva nervously. He realized that his goal was hopeless.

“It seems you don’t have enough people with you,” KFC replied with a smile. “One dozen guards from the kingdom versus one hundred Silver Guards. Your mission is destined to fail.”

Daroque blushed. He cleared his throat.

"Your Highness, we are all here to serve the kingdom. I don't want to fight you. You're right. This is a battle we can't win. If you order us to leave this place and return to the king."

"But do you know that Garrett will only send more people to capture you, different people? And you know where the situation will lead to. You might be able to kill all of them, but do you really want your compatriots' blood to be stained with your hands? Do you really want to ignite a civil war? For you, your people will risk their lives to kill anyone, but is this fair to them?"

KFC stared at him and thought about his words carefully. What Daroque said made sense. He didn't want his people to be injured just because of him. He felt an uncontrollable desire to protect his people from the bleeding conflict, no matter what this meant to him. And no matter how terrible his brother, Garrett, was, no matter how bad he was, KFC didn't want a civil war to happen. At least, he couldn't let anyone settle the score of a civil war on his own. There were other ways that he had learned to directly resist the most effective methods sometimes.

KFC reached out and lowered the sword in his friend Yatm's hand. He turned to face the other Silver Guard members, his heart filled with gratitude for their protection.

“My Silver Guard’s companions,” he solemnly said, “I’m very grateful for your protection, and I guarantee to you that your protection won’t be in vain. Because you all know me, and my father and I have nothing to do with the death of the previous king. And when I find the real murderer who killed him, I suspect that I’ve already found this person from the essence of these orders, and I’ll be the first to take revenge. I’ve been wrongly accused, and even so, I still don’t want to become the trigger for the civil war. So please put down your weapons. We asked them to take me away peacefully because one of the kingdoms in the ring shouldn’t fight another member. If justice exists, then the truth will be revealed, and I’ll quickly return to you.”

The Silver Guard members slowly and reluctantly put down their weapons. At this moment, KFC turned around and faced Daroque. KFC walked forward and walked towards the door with Daroque. The King's guards surrounded him. KFC walked forward proudly and walked in the middle of them. Daroque did not try to shack him, either out of respect, out of fear, or out of fear. KFC walked to his new cell, but he would not yield so easily. No matter what, he would clear his crime and let himself be released from the dungeon and then kill his father, even if that was his younger brother.