Chapter 18: Knight Holy Mountain (Dragon Emperor Martial God Martial Godly

"If you want to die, I don't mind sending you to meet up with the one who just died." Li Xin's cold voice was filled with murderous intent.
The two muscular men were also warriors. One of them held a heavy sword while the other held a rapier and a shield. Looking at Li Xin, their faces shone with a dark light. They naturally knew that they were unreasonable. Long Haochen had killed his bearded beard during the duel, and even the city guards could not interfere.
The warrior with the heavy sword shouted angrily, "My third brother only joked a few times and this kid killed him. Is this the benevolence of your knights?"
One of these two warriors was a rank three rank two War Master, while the other was a rank two or eight warrior. When the two of them added together, they were naturally not afraid of Li Xin. However, they could not ignore the Knight's Temple behind Li Xin.
Li Xin snorted disdainfully. "Are you blind? My brother is a punishment knight, not a guardian knight. The law of punishment knights is to get rid of evil as a form of good. With my brother's temper, if it wasn't for your companion's disgusting words, why would he kill him? If he's not convinced, you can come at me together."
As she spoke, Li Xin's longsword transformed into a series of strange trajectories in the air. A faint golden light energy gushed out from her body.
“Shilui.” With a long hissing sound, a tall and strong horse with wings on its back walked out from the strange twisted trajectory.
This horse was extremely rare pink in color. It was about eight feet long and six feet tall. The wings on its back were not wide, and it seemed to be unable to fly with it. A small piece protruded from its head. Its eyes were rose red, but as soon as it appeared, a rich energy aura erupted from its body. The rose-colored eyes emitted an imposing aura.
Li Xin tapped the ground with the tip of her foot and rose to her feet. She landed on the horse's back and looked at the two knights opposite her, her eyes filled with contempt and disdain.
Li Xin's nickname for the Hell Rose came from her mount. It was an underage rose unicorn. Even if it was still underage, it was still a true low level-five magical beast. With it, not to mention a third-rank warrior, even a fourth-rank warrior would have to walk around it. A warrior of the same rank was no match for a knight.
“She is a knight who returned from the Holy Knight Mountain?” The shield-wielding warrior cried out in shock. The two of them exchanged glances, but did not dare to say anything else. They quickly picked up their companion’s corpse and left.
Many adventurers were discussing in low voices. "These guys are obviously outsiders. They don't even know the number one genius of the Bright Moon Hall, Hell Rose. They deserve to be at a disadvantage. And she is..."
"Sister." Long Haochen had been standing beside Li Xin the whole time. After killing her, his expression did not change much.
Li Xin jumped down from the rose unicorn's back and smiled. "Silly kid, why did you come to the Adventurer's Guild?" It turned out that she had heard Long Haochen ask about the Adventurer's Guild previously. She was worried that he would come to this place where dragons and snakes were mixed, so she followed him just in time for the scene just now.
Long Haochen said, "Teacher told me to accept a level-two mission."
Li Xin was a little speechless. "Your teacher is really relieved. Let's go. I'll go with you."
After entering the Adventurer's Guild again, the gazes of those Adventurers changed when they saw Long Haochen. Putting aside the fact that he had such a powerful sister by his side, the strength he displayed when he killed the axe warrior in just a few moves was definitely that of a quasi Knight!
Although these people did not know who Long Haochen was, they could always tell that Long Haochen was at his age. He was already a quasi Knight at such a young age. Would the Knight's Temple still protect him like a treasure? No one would dare to act rashly.
"Sir Knight, Sir Knight, I'll return the badge to you." The young girl behind the counter had just walked up to them when they returned to the Adventurer's Guild. She respectfully returned the badge to Long Haochen. After seeing the badge just now, she also ran out to watch the battle. She took in everything and looked at Long Haochen with curiosity.
What happened next was simple. Long Haochen chose a mission to hunt ten level-two middle-rank magical beasts in the Bright Moon Swamp a hundred miles north of Bright Moon City.
"Brother, I'll go with you. Why don't I be worried? Although there aren't many high-level magical beasts in Bright Moon Swamp, there are still level-three magical beasts. There have even been level-four ones before. Furthermore, I can go with you faster."
"Sister, that's not good. Teacher asked me to complete the mission alone."
"What's so bad about that? You're the one who completed the mission alone! Kill your mission by yourself. I'm only responsible for protecting you from sneak attacks from other magical beasts. It's settled then. Let's go."
As she spoke, Li Xin pulled Long Haochen out of the Adventurer's Guild and went straight to her rose unicorn.
This was Long Haochen's first ride, and he was very curious.
Sitting on the back of the rose unicorn was extremely stable. Li Xin was behind him. He could smell a faint rose fragrance. It was unknown if it was emitted by his sister or the rose unicorn.
Soon, the two of them left the city. What surprised Long Haochen was that when they left the city, not only did Li Xin not stop, the soldiers guarding the city even bowed to her.
After leaving Bright Moon City, the rose unicorn finally let go of its speed, causing Long Haochen to be shocked. A layer of faint red light was released from the rose unicorn's body, and the surrounding temperature had clearly increased by a few degrees. Its speed had increased, but with the protection of the light red light screen, he could not feel any wind blowing. The wings on the rose unicorn's back spread from time to time, making its speed even more stable. It was as if it was flying in the air.
"So fast! Big Sister, your mount is so amazing. How can you have such a mount!" Long Haochen was still a child after all. How could he not be excited by such a novel feeling?
Li Xin smiled. "As long as you answer my question, I'll tell you."
Long Haochen said, "Sister, ask."
Li Xin said, "Have you killed anyone before? Otherwise, why did you have no reaction after killing that axe warrior? I'll never forget the pain after the first kill. I've vomited for three days and three nights!"
Long Haochen scratched his head and said, "I've never killed anyone in the past, but I've killed magical beasts before. Teacher said that when dealing with enemies, you have to treat them as if you're treating magical beasts. You can't show any mercy. Before you're sure that they're already dead, you can't relax. Since he's a magical beast, why should I feel uncomfortable? I've killed quite a number of magical beasts before. Furthermore, I've never seen his appearance after completing my final attack." In fact, even he didn't know about it, because the bitter cultivation in the ant's cave had already caused fear to be very far away.
Li Xin said helplessly, "I really don't know if it's because your heart is pure and flawless, or if it's because you're cold-blooded. However, your teacher is right. Let's get rid of all evil."
Long Haochen was anxious to know how to have such a good mount like the rose unicorn, so he hurriedly asked, "Sister, how to obtain this rose unicorn!"
Li Xin said, "Don't worry. In fact, even if I don't tell you, you'll know in the future. Because you and I have the right to choose a mount on the Holy Mountain."
"What is the Holy Knight Mountain?" Long Haochen asked curiously.
"In our Knight's Temple, most knights can only choose horses or tame wild magical beasts to serve as their mounts. However, there are some exceptions, and they are the most talented young knights in each branch hall. Anyone who can pass the knight test and become a rank three and above knight before the age of twenty has the right to head to the Knight's Sacred Mountain under the recommendation of their branch hall. You are only ten years old, yet you are already a quasi Knight. It will not be a problem for you to become a knight before the age of twenty."