Chapter 2: Spiritual-Eyed Young Man

What a large palace-like building. The golden glazed tiles shone with a dazzling light under the sunlight. The golden roof of the palace, the red door, and this ancient and fragrant style made people feel solemn.
Looking from afar, the mist swamp and the quarms looked like a brick. The area was so vast that one could not see the end of it. On the main gate signboard that was fifty feet tall, there were the words "Duke's Mansion".
This huge mansion that occupied an area of more than 3,000 mu did not belong to any city. Instead, it was built 50 miles to the northwest of Star Luo City, the capital of Star Luo Empire. From this, it could be seen how high the owner of this mansion held a position in Star Luo Empire.
At this moment, the sun was shining brightly on the sparkling glazed tiles, covering the entire Duke's Mansion with a layer of dazzling golden color. Even from the head of Star Luo City, one could still vaguely see it.
The back door on the north side of the Duke's mansion opened silently, and a thin figure quietly slipped out.
It was a young man who looked to be around eleven or twelve years old. He had a well-proportioned figure and was dressed in a simple gray cloth robe. He carried a small bag on his back. His short black hair looked clean and neat. His handsome little face revealed a determined look that surpassed his peers.
He gently covered the back door of the Duke's mansion. After taking a few steps, the young man suddenly stopped and turned around to look at the Duke's mansion. His dark blue eyes were filled with hatred.
"Mom, keep an eye on your spirit of heaven. No matter how hard you work, one day, I will return and trample everything under my feet. From now on, I will follow your surname and change my surname to Huo Yuhao."
Having said that, he took another deep look at the Duke's mansion, turned around, and left without hesitation.
He did not walk towards Star Luo City, which was southeast of the Duke's mansion. Instead, he ran towards the north. The small figure gradually disappeared under the intense sunlight at noon. Although he was thin and small, he did not give off the feeling of helplessness as he left.
The Duke's Mansion had a wide official road in any direction. Huo Yuhao ran forward, but his eyes gradually turned red.
"Mom..." The unwillingness and unwillingness in his mother's expression when she passed away unconsciously reappeared in his mind. Huo Yuhao could not help but grit his teeth.
“Strong. I must be strong. Mom taught me that people can only rely on themselves. Only by being strong can I survive better.
One scene after another flashed through Huo Yuhao's mind.
Huo Yuhao's mother was the Duke's personal maidservant. She grew up with the Duke, and her personal maidservant existed to serve her master. On a night twelve years ago, Huo Yuhao quietly appeared in her mother's womb.
She was pregnant for ten months and landed on the ground.
Regardless of Huo Yuhao's mother's status, he was still the son of a duke after all. Although the treatment in the mansion wasn't considered good, it wasn't too bad either. Mother no longer treated him as a maid. Mother relied on her son's value to have her own small courtyard.
Everything should have passed peacefully, but who knew that disaster would soon arrive.
The Duke represented the Star Luo Empire in a battle, and all the internal affairs of the residence were managed by the Duke's wife. The Duke's wife already had two sons and one daughter, and all the factors that might affect her children in the future were suppressed by her. The Duke's time in the residence was better, and the moment the Duke left, the residence became the Duke's wife's world. She was the youngest daughter that the current Star Luo Empire's Emperor doted on the most.
Huo Yuhao's mother grew up with the Duke since she was young, and she was pampered by the Duke. She had always been jealous of the Duke's wife, and she immediately became the main target. The Duke's wife used the excuse that Huo Yuhao's mother was infected with an evil disease to drive their mother and son to the woodshed behind the servant area and cut off all their economic sources. Huo Yuhao was only two years old at that time.
The tough life caused Huo Yuhao's mother's body, which was not considered to be in good condition, to gradually collapse, not to mention that the servants under the dukes were suppressing her from time to time. Finally, when he was ten years old, he fell sick and died abruptly.
Due to the collision of the Sun Moon Continent, which had been floating in the West Ocean more than four thousand years ago, the size of the Dou Luo Continent had greatly increased. At the same time, the war on the continent had also become more frequent.
Ten thousand years ago, there were only two countries in the Dou Luo Continent, the Heaven Dou and the Star Dou. But today, ten thousand years later, the original Dou Luo Continent had already become three countries. Among them, the Star Luo Empire still existed, but the royal family had changed owners. Fortunately, they had quelled all the kingdoms in the country and unified the Star Luo, becoming the strongest force.
On the other hand, the Heaven Dou Empire was divided into the Heaven Soul Empire and the Battle Spirit Empire due to the few kingdoms at that time.
The Sun Moon Continent that came from the west was vast and rich in resources. It was slightly smaller than the Dou Luo Continent, but there was only one country, and it was the Sun Moon Empire.
After the collision between the two continents, the war immediately began. The three great countries of the Dou Luo Continent had mobilized their allied forces under the same enemy. After nearly twenty years of war, they had finally defeated the Sun Moon Empire. Thus, they had unified the name of the continent as the Dou Luo Empire. The name of the Sun Moon Continent no longer existed. Only the Sun Moon Empire of the Dou Luo Continent was known as the Dou Luo Empire.
However, even though the Sun Moon Empire had been defeated, they hadn’t been completely invaded. With their advantage and the conflict between the three great empires of the original Dou Luo Continent, the four sides gradually became in a deadlock, but the war had occurred year after year.
As the Duke often stepped onto the battlefield, he rarely spent his time in the mansion. As for Huo Yuhao and his son, under the deliberate concealment of the Duke's wife, they were gradually forgotten by him. When the Duke asked, the Duke's wife only said that Huo Yuhao's mother was suffering from an evil disease.
Huo Yuhao’s mother had painstakingly raised him. When he was six years old, he had awakened his martial soul in the mansion.
Martial souls were abilities that every person in the Douluo Continent possessed. Although the Sun Moon Empire's development direction was different from the other three countries, Martial souls were also fundamental.
Everyone was born with a Martial Soul that could be awakened at the age of six. Martial Souls could be anything, such as tools, animals, and so on. Animal martial souls were generally known as Beast Martial Souls. Other than Beast Martial Souls, other types of Martial Souls were collectively known as Weapon Martial Souls. Of course, there were also some special mutated Martial Souls.
After awakening one's martial soul, only a small number of people's martial soul would bring a special type of power, which was called soul power. Only those who possessed soul power when awakening could cultivate to the most expensive profession in the Douluo Continent, the Soul Master.
Soul Masters were divided into nine grades. The difference between low and high was: Soul Warrior, Soul Master, Soul Master, Soul Sovereign, Soul Sect, Soul King, Soul Emperor, Soul Saint, Soul Dou Luo, and Titled Dou Luo.
The higher the level of a soul master, the more powerful they would be. When they reached the highest level of the title of Dou Luo, they would almost have the terrifying strength to move mountains, fill seas, and Stellar Transposition.