Chapter 31: Xiao Wu, you still want it?

"Third Young Master, look, there are so many stars in the sky." Little Dance was jumping around. She did not lack the liveliness that a child of her age should have.
She called Tang San the mistress, not the mistress. Moreover, she was a girl, so Tang San did not refute her. He said helplessly, "Did you pull me out to see the stars?"
At this time, there were very few students and teachers outside the dormitory building. Only later did Tang San realize that it was the tradition of soul masters to cultivate in the dark.
Xiao Wu smiled and said, "No, of course not. I'm going to fight you again. During the day, I'll make the first move and barely launch a sneak attack. Defeating you is also an unfair victory. Seeing that you're a little unconvinced, I'll give you another chance."
It was rare to see a girl as warlike as Xiao Wu, but it suited Tang San's taste. She immediately perked up. "Alright, let's do it then."
Xiao Wu smiled and scratched her face with her fingers. "Don't cry when I beat you down later, okay? Are you ready?"
Looking at her cute face, Tang San couldn't help but be stunned for a moment, but he quickly returned to normal. "Come on."
"Alright, I'm here." As she spoke, a sinister smile appeared on Xiao Wu's face as she walked towards Tang San. She was indeed here, but it was not an attack.
Tang San frowned and said, "What are you doing? Aren't you going to spar?" At this moment, Xiao Wu had already walked less than a meter away from him. Although they were still children and their limbs weren't long, Xiao Wu was still walking forward and had lost the distance from her leg attack.
From the Martial Soul, Tang San knew that since Xiao Wu's Martial Soul was a rabbit, the most powerful thing about a rabbit was its legs. She should also be the most powerful leg. This could be seen from the fight during the day. Now that she had lost her leg, what was she trying to do?
Xiao Wu nodded and smiled. "That's right! I'm here to spar with you."
Just as Tang San was feeling puzzled, Xiao Wu suddenly shook her head, and the scorpion braid behind her turned into a black shadow that wrapped around Tang San's neck.
This was also the first time Tang San had seen a hair attack. However, he had been on guard against Xiao Wu's attack. Seeing her scorpion braid coming at him, he immediately took a step back. At the same time, he raised his left hand and twisted it towards Xiao Wu's hair. Once her braid was controlled, Xiao Wu would no longer have the ability to fight.
Xiao Wu's hand was raised along with her braid. As Tang San raised his hand, she suddenly realized that Xiao Wu's hand had already been raised. Before his hand touched Xiao Wu's long hair, Xiao Wu suddenly raised her head. The scorpion braid had already passed Tang San's palm, but her own hand was stuck to it.
Xiao Wu's hand was soft and shiny. It was soft and seemed to have touched a ball of cotton. However, Tang San was not in the mood to feel this wonderful feeling right now because he was horrified to discover that Xiao Wu's arm had strangely twisted. Not only did it wrap around his palm, it instantly extended and wrapped around his arm. At the same time, her other hand also raised and wrapped around her other hand. The scorpion braid fell from the sky like her third hand, wrapping around Tang San's neck.
Xiao Wu's arm looked pink and tender, but it was extremely tough. Even with Tang San's strength, he was unable to break free from her entanglement. He tried to fly backward with all his might, but Xiao Wu's body followed him like four pairs of cotton. No matter how exquisite the Ghost Shadow's Bewitchment was, it had already lost its effect at this time.
In order to avoid Xiao Wu's scorpion braid, Tang San suddenly raised his head and fell backward, using an iron plate bridge to dodge. At the same time, the Mysterious Heavenly Art finally couldn't help but attack. He was afraid that Xiao Wu would be injured, so he only used five percent of his strength.
However, who would have thought that just as Tang San was circulating his strength, Xiao Wu's hands suddenly loosened. Right after that, Tang San felt a strong force coming from his waist. He could no longer control his balance and directly fell backwards.
Plop! Tang San threw his head back and fell to the ground. With the help of the gravitational force from the fall, his small hands pressed against the joints of Tang San's shoulders, causing his arms to feel numb and unable to exert any strength. At this moment, Xiao Wu's body was completely sitting on his waist, looking at him proudly. Tang San's small abdomen was completely touching as he felt the elasticity of Xiao Wu's little buttocks.
"How is it? Are you convinced?" Xiao Wu looked down at Tang San with a face full of joy.
Tang San didn't feel much when he was knocked down by Xiao Wu for the first time, but he was depressed this time. In terms of strength, Xiao Wu seemed to be much weaker than him, but her fighting method was too strange. Tang San didn't have much combat experience, so he immediately said.
"I'm not convinced. Again." Tang San looked at Xiao Wu and felt unconvinced.
Xiao Wu said proudly, "You still want it? But I won't give you a chance. If you have the ability, you can break free first."
How could he break free after his shoulder joint was controlled? The circulation route of the Mysterious Heavenly Art was blocked.
"What are you doing? Hurry up and get up. It's so noisy, it's actually..." At that moment, a discordant voice sounded.
Xiao Wu and Tang San turned around at the same time and saw a female teacher walking towards them angrily.
Indeed, Tang San and Xiao Wu were in an unsightly position. Tang Sanping lay on the ground and spread his arms to the sides. Xiao Wu sat on his waist and placed her hands on his shoulders to look down at him. Although the two of them were only children, their actions were really a bit...
Xiao Wu blushed and hurriedly jumped up from Tang San's body. Tang San took advantage of the situation to climb up.
The female teacher had already walked over and said angrily, "You two, what's going on?"
Tang San felt that he was a boy and should have stood out to explain. But before he could say anything, Xiao Wu snatched it and said, "Teacher, we're sparring."