Chapter 43: Bluesilver Grass’ first soul ring five

At this moment, the Grandmaster had already relaxed, and his eyes were filled with confidence. "One of the top ten core competitors of Martial Spirit World that I've researched is the Martial Spirit Inscription theory. Plant martial spirits might not necessarily have to absorb the soul rings of plant soul beasts, and beast martial spirits might also be able to absorb plant soul rings. Under various conditions, these two can absorb each other. I've told you before that one of the great advantages of Bluesilver Grass is that it doesn't belong to anyone else. Because it's too weak, it won't reject any of the attributes attached to the soul rings and will only passively be integrated into them. Therefore, absorbing the soul rings of the Mandara Snake isn't a problem. At the same time, do you still remember what kind of soul rings we're looking for?"
Tang San's eyes lit up. "It's best if it's poisonous. That's right, both characteristics of the Mandara Snake."
The master took a deep look at his disciple and said, "Regardless of whether it's an ordinary soul master or those guys from Martial Soul Hall, none of them believe my ten core competitiveness theories. In the past, no soul master was willing to absorb different kinds of soul rings to strengthen themselves. Little Three, are you willing to give it a try? Although in theory, I have absolute confidence, but no one has ever tried it before. Reality is the only standard to test the truth. The reason why the ten core competitiveness I proposed is only theory and not truth is because no one is willing to practice it."
From the eyes of the master, Tang San saw fanaticism. Due to the mutation of his martial soul, the master would never be able to become a powerful soul master for the rest of his life. However, he was still so persistent as to focus all his energy on his research on martial soul.
Tang San respected such a person from the bottom of his heart. He respected Master and his research results. "Teacher, let me be the person who helped you practice. I believe your research is not wrong."
The Mandara Snake's body had gradually stopped moving, and its head was pierced through by a sharp blade. No matter how tenacious its vitality was, it would not be able to escape death.
The faint yellow light began to condense above the body of the Mandara Snake. Unlike the ten-year Nether Wolf Soul Ring that Tang San had seen before, the yellow light produced by the Mandara Snake was very clear. The light was also much brighter than the Nether Wolf's light ring. Even without touching it, one could clearly feel the immense energy contained within it.
Hearing Tang San's words, the master's eyes were filled with gratification. "Little San, let's begin."
Tang San nodded and raised his right hand. He resisted the weak feeling of exhaustion and slowly condensed his remaining soul power into his palm. Accompanied by a faint blue light, the Bluesilver Grass grew out from his palm and emitted a faint life force that gently swayed along with the fluctuations of his soul power.
Come on, my first soul ring. You will decide whether or not I can master the Tang Sect's ultimate technique, and whether or not I can inherit the teacher's hopes.
Under the guidance of the light blue light, the hundred-year-old Mandara Snake Soul Ring slowly flew towards Tang San.
The Grandmaster stared fixedly at the soul ring that floated over and shouted in a deep voice, "Sit down cross-legged and guard your martial soul."
Tang San sat cross-legged on the spot and focused his attention on the martial soul in his right hand. At this moment, as the Mandara Snake Soul Ring approached, he felt an unprecedented pressure. All the bones in his body made a slight sound under this pressure.
Soon, the yellow halo arrived above Tang San's head. Without giving him any chance to react, the yellow halo suddenly shrank and turned into a golden halo that was only the size of a bracelet but was extremely solid. It directly wrapped around the Bluesilver Grass martial soul in his right palm.
Tang San felt as if his right hand had invaded the magma. A wave of scorching energy surged into his body, and a violent heat flow instantly rushed into his body. In an instant, his internal organs were incinerated, and his body couldn't help but tremble violently.
"No matter how the power of the soul ring attacks your body, you must be clear-headed. Only in this way can you better utilize the power of the soul ring in the future."
This was the last thing Tang San heard when he heard the master's words. In the next second, he closed his eyes. His consciousness was completely immersed in the boiling ocean.
The internal power of the Mysterious Heavenly Art within his body seemed to have been ignited by this sudden power, and the heat instantly spread throughout every part of his body. Tang San felt as if he could spit out fire when he opened his mouth.
What a domineering power.
The surging soul ring's power instantly baptized Tang San's body. However, what puzzled Tang San was that such a hot energy did not destroy the Bluesilver Grass martial soul.
Suddenly, his consciousness lit up. Tang San seemed to see himself immersed in a sea of flames. Right in the middle of the flames, a lonely Bluesilver Grass swayed with the flames. No matter how intense the flames were, they were unable to destroy it.
Tang San was overjoyed. This seemed to be the inner vision realm within his internal energy. In his previous life, he had been too old to experience this realm even after cultivating the Mysterious Heavenly Treasure Record. He had not expected it to appear when he was absorbing the first soul ring.
Under the roasting of the flames, the Bluesilver Grass began to change. The originally slender grass began to grow longer and wider, and the faint blue color gradually became deeper. The dark blue grass spread out in the sea of flames, and it moved as if countless sandalman snakes were jumping in the fire.
The light blue grass began to turn dark blue, and there were some black lines on it. They were exactly the same as the patterns on the Mandara Snake.
Boom! All the heat flowed out. Tang San felt as if the scorching aura had melted his body.