Chapter 28: Six Suns...

As they left the small courtyard, the surroundings fell silent.
Li Chengkong returned to Sun Guiwu's room and looked at them with a strange expression. He touched his face and said, "What's wrong? What's with this look?"
The three of them had strange looks in their eyes.
Li Chengkong said, "Old Sun, speak."
Among the three of them, Sun Guiwu was the most straightforward and couldn't hold back his words.
The blood on Sun Guiwu's face had already disappeared. He sat on the armchair with a pale face and chuckled.
Li Chengkong said helplessly, "Hurry up and tell me!"
Sun Guiwu said, "I'm just lamenting. People are really different from humans. Some people are born to eat meat, while others are born to eat grass."
"What do you mean by that?" Li Chengkong smiled and said, "You know how to play well too?"
"Old Li, you're a ruthless character." Sun Guiwu gave him a thumbs up. "I'm impressed, but I'm not as good as myself!"
Li Chengkong said angrily, "The more I talk, the more mysterious I become. What's going on?"
"He wants to say that you killed without batting an eyelid." Hu Yunshi snorted.
Sun Guiwu chuckled and scratched the back of his head. "In any case, I can't do it. Even though I've been practicing martial arts for so long, I've never killed anyone."
Li Chengkong shook his head. "I'm too desperate. As you can see, if I don't kill Zhou Wangchuan, he'll kill us. He can only strike first to gain the upper hand. Otherwise, the four of us would have been killed by him. Even if the rabbit was anxious, it would still bite us!"
"It's different." Sun Guiwu shook his head. "Even if you force me into this, I can't kill people so quickly. Old Li, you really killed people without batting an eye."
He believed that he was stronger than Li Chengkong's martial arts at that time, but he couldn't kill Zhou Wangchuan, let alone Zhou Wanghai.
This was the difference.
Li Chengkong said unhappily, "Looks like you're not seriously injured and are still in the mood to think. I'm going back to cultivate!"
"Old Li, what's the rush? We've already gotten rid of Zhou Wanghai anyway." Song Minghua heaved a sigh of relief for him.
Previously, he was worried that Li Chengkong wouldn't be able to pass this test. Now, he could finally calm down.
Li Chengkong said, "Who knows when another Zhou Wangchuan will appear?"
“If you think that way, it would be too pessimistic. This time, there is a reason for the incident. Otherwise, no one would cause trouble for no reason,” Song Minghua said with a smile.
Li Chengkong smiled and did not refute.
He didn't think much of it.
There were many natural evil people in this world.
Furthermore, how could there be no fight for benefits when a person lived in this world? Even if they were to give in, it would be useless.
Only the strongest could live comfortably, and only then would he be able to live in vain.
"Are you going to join the Purple Sun Sect next?" Song Minghua lowered his voice.
Li Chengkong pondered.
His clothes fluttered in the wind as Li Chengkong arrived at the door. The young man from Zhou Wangchuan who came earlier floated down from the wall and walked over with a smile. "Li Chengkong, how is it?"
"What?" Li Chengkong was puzzled.
"How did you consider it?" The young man had a reserved and certain smile on his face.
Li Chengkong said, "I haven't thought about it yet."
"You..." The smile on the young man's face froze.
Sun Guiwu snorted and said, "Zheng Xifeng, with your attitude, how dare you call him Huazi!"
He looked proud and arrogant.
Zheng Xifeng was too arrogant. He relied on his superior appearance to look bossy. He was simply infuriating!
Seeing him suffer was even more satisfying than eating ice in summer.
He could now rely on Li Chengkong's momentum to pretend to be a tiger's might!
"...Alright." Zheng Xifeng restrained his smile and cupped his fists. "Li Chengkong, are you really not going to agree?"
"It's dawn." Li Chengkong said, "I'll decide when it's dawn."
"...Alright!" Zheng Xifeng gritted his teeth secretly, but a stiff smile appeared on his face.
Now was the time to beg his surname Li. When he entered the sect, he would see how to deal with him!
"I won't see you out," Li Chengkong said lightly.
Zheng Xifeng turned around and left, afraid that he would lose control of his fist and accidentally hit Li Chengkong's ugly face.
"Old Li, you are really fragrant!" Sun Guiwu said sourly.
Li Chengkong smiled and said, "I also find it strange. Even if my aptitude is good, there's no need for me to value it so much, right? Is it because of something else?"
"If you have good aptitude, you're just eating incense!" Sun Guiwu said, "But you have to be careful of Zheng Xifeng. He's very sinister!"
Li Chengkong nodded.
Zheng Xifeng had made a move on this matter. Although he had killed Zhou Wangchuan and Zhou Wanghai, he was not done yet. He had not settled the score with Zheng Xifeng yet.
This debt was already recorded in his notebook, and he was looking for an opportunity to settle it slowly.
“Old Li, the disciples of the Purple Sun Sect are divided into nine levels. Their names are called Nine Yang, which correspond to the Imperial Court’s rank nine disciples. We are Nine Yang disciples, and Zheng Xifeng is an Eight Yang disciple!” Song Minghua shook his head and sighed, “A high-level disciple can urgently recruit low-level disciples!”
"How is it considered an emergency recruitment?"
"It involves missions in the sect. It concerns success or failure. It concerns life and death. It's a state of emergency. We can gather low-level disciples to help."
Li Chengkong was deep in thought.
There were many loopholes to be seen. It was truly a death of a high ranking official.
"The disciples who just entered the sect are all Jiuyang?"
"No exceptions?"
"...As far as I know." Song Minghua shook his head.
Hu Yunshi said in a low voice, "Old Li, you're different. You might be able to make this exception."
"...Alright, let me try." Li Chengkong smiled.
He looked at Sun Guiwu.
Sun Guiwu hurriedly waved his hand. "I'm really fine. Stop nagging!"
"Alright, I'll go practice. Old Sun, what a good sword!" Li Chengkong pointed at the place where his long sword was hidden and left the house with a smile.
Sitting on his own bed, the surroundings were silent. Li Chengkong opened the switch of memories and began to replay.
In the morning of the second day, Li Chengkong pushed open the window and took a deep breath of fresh air. He stretched lazily on the bed and his back suddenly felt strange and itchy.
Surprised, he moved his arm a few more times.
It was indeed not an illusion. It did not hurt anymore.
He didn't have a mirror, so he couldn't look after it. He reached out his hand to touch his back, and a layer of scabs were as hard as a hard shell.
He smiled. Was this Luo Qinglan's spirit pill, or was it the effect of the Kunlun Jade Pot Technique?
He was going to wash his face by the well and pushed the door open. Zheng Xifeng was already standing silently outside, smiling at him.
Li Chengkong frowned. "I've thought it through."
This sentence blocked Zheng Xifeng's words.
He choked.
Li Chengkong continued, "I only have one condition, and the first to enter the sect is the Six Suns Disciple!"
Zheng Xifeng's face darkened.
Six Suns was two levels higher than him!
This was too arrogant!
"If you can't do it, then forget it." Li Chengkong brushed past him and walked towards the edge of the well. "At most, I'll die."
"...Let me tell you!" Zheng Xifeng took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. His face was stiff and ugly.
"Thank you." Li Chengkong said politely, but he waved at Zheng Xifeng, who was standing behind him, as if he was chasing away a fly.
Zheng Xifeng turned around and left to avoid being unable to hold back.
He stood here for an hour, calming his anger and trying his best to loosen his heart to prevent himself from losing control.
However, when facing Li Chengkong, he almost failed.
"Yo, Zheng Xifeng, you came early enough. You left so quickly?" Sun Guiwu happened to push open the door and greeted Zheng Xifeng with a smile.
Zheng Xifeng stopped and sneered at him before continuing to walk out.
Hu Yunshi stepped into the courtyard and said coldly, "Alright!"
Zheng Xifeng sneered.
Song Minghua also entered the door and cupped his fists and smiled. "Young Master Zheng, why don't you drink a cup of tea before leaving?"
"Hmph!" Zheng Xifeng snorted coldly and strode away.
He gritted his teeth as he walked: Three arrogant villains!
However, these three people were nothing to be afraid of. What was hateful was Li Chengkong. He was simply too arrogant!
He did not look in the mirror and wanted to become a disciple of the Six Suns the moment he entered. He was simply delusional!
This time, the higher-ups would no longer tolerate his arrogance. They would definitely reject him!
In the evening, under the setting sun, he appeared in front of Li Chengkong again.
Li Chengkong was back from the vegetable field. As if he didn't see him standing at the entrance of the courtyard, he pushed the door open and entered.
"Li Chengkong, from today onwards, you will be a disciple of the Purple Sun Sect's Six Suns Sect!" Zheng Xifeng followed him in and took out a letter from his pocket. "This is an oath. press the blood handprint on it. Someone will come and take it away."
Li Chengkong took it.
Zheng Xifeng snorted and said, "Congratulations, goodbye!"
He turned around and left.
He was most afraid of encountering Song Minghua and the other two. These three people would definitely not let go of the opportunity to mock him!
Li Chengkong couldn't be bothered with him. He entered the room and opened the envelope.
It was an oath that he would voluntarily join the Purple Sun Sect and join the Purple Sun Sect. As a family, he would never betray the disciples of the Purple Sun Sect. Otherwise, if they were to kill together, everything would be blank.
Li Chengkong pondered for a moment, bit his index finger, and pressed the finger print.
From then on, he was a disciple of the Purple Sun Sect!
At this moment, his emotions were inexplicably complicated.
Hopefully, Qin Tiannan was a bit more reliable. Even though he was leaning against the heavens, he still felt uncertain at this moment.