Chapter 1: One

We can't take it anymore.
We were forced to "remove" the harm.
"Kill" was the code name of this operation: "Kill" to be "Kill" was, of course, Bai Wan!
We are two of the four elders of the "Mountain Gathering): I am Sima Wen. His name is Si Wen, and he is my junior brother.
Originally, we still had two junior brothers. They were Sikong Wang and Situ Wen. The four of us were called "Watching, Wening, Wening, Wening, Wening". We were just like a doctor who had deeply asked for the art of Shihuang. If there were any problems with us, we would be 'peduced'.
As such, we could say that the "Mountain Gathering" had contributed greatly to the prestige of today. Without us, the "Mountain Gathering" would not have been able to squeeze into the "Seven Gang Eight Leagues and Nine Alliances".
When the previous leader ‘turn the river’, Yu Zhaofeng, was in power, we were already the heroes of the world. Although there were many Eminent Elders in the “Many Old Association”, in terms of seniority, not many people could ‘old’ pass us, let alone discuss merits.
Old Master Yu was an extraordinary genius. He valued us, treated us like his trusted subordinates, and treated us like his own hands. We were willing to work for him.
“It’s not that we’re not afraid of death, but as long as someone believes that we can die for him, knowing that we’re useful people and cherishing our useful bodies, we won’t turn back even if we fight for him.
“Furthermore, even if we fight to the death, we won’t die. If we dare to die, we won’t die first. We all understand this principle.
It had been more than forty years. At that time, the various sects in the world had been divided into various sects. In order to sit in a chair in the 'Seven Gangs, Eight Leagues, Nine Alliances', they had fought to the death, and their foreheads were cracked. At that time, the 'Elder Association' could be considered to have just appeared in the martial arts world, but with the four of us, as well as the loyal 'Heavenly King' Ye Lingfeng, 'Earth Net' Zhang Yuhai, and the others, we finally made the 'Elder Association' have a place in the martial arts world.
That was the brilliance of our "Mountain Gathering".
All of our glory.
However, that soul-stirring and life-and-death battle had also heavily injured Old Master Yu. It was rumored to be after Yu Li, and it didn't take long for his actions to fade.
Any victory had to be paid.
However, the price was too high...
"We lost a good master, and so did the Elders Guild.
As soon as Old Master Yu died, the other "Seven Gangs Eight Leagues Nine Alliances" became even more eye-catching.
Fortunately, Old Man Yu did not disappoint him.
"We, the 'Eminent Elders', are used to calling him 'Old Master Yu' and his son 'Old Man Yu'."
Old Man Yu was also a capable person.
He was bold enough.
He also valued us.
He didn’t treat us as brothers or brothers. Instead, he treated us as “Elders” and asked us to guide him and give him advice. Moreover, he would always ask for our opinion every time something important happened.
Because he was in charge, and he had our lives, in the past thirty years, the "Elder Association" had become the most prestigious faction among the "Seven Gang Eight Leagues and Nine Alliances".
In the past few years, we had fought countless battles and defeated countless enemies. Many of the people who wanted to harm us had now turned into bones and skeletons. The venomous snakes were already living in their ribs, and vines were growing up in their eyes, as tall as trees. We stepped on the corpses of our enemies and finally flattened all the obstacles.
Perhaps, the only thing we could not defeat was time.
We're all old.
And he would gradually grow old.
“We’ve already begun to feel that the juniors are becoming more disrespectful to us old men.
Not only that, but Old Man Yu was also old.
Old Man Yu's son, Yu Yongming, was known as "the Golden Spear does not fall", and he did not take us old men seriously.
He had been nurturing his power.
He could not wait any longer.
"More or less sick husband", Cai Yan. "Your mouth is" Zhuang Duzheng. "You're wrong," "Dragon Fly Phoenix Dance", Song Xiaoxiao. "Great Comprehension", Zhang Yiyuan of the Wind and Water Wheel... These people were all deliberately implanted by Yu Yongtian to force us to stop them together.
The most terrifying ones were not these people.
It was his capable assistant.
This person's surname was Bai. Because he was omnipresent during the day and night, he would definitely be there when something happened, and as long as he appeared, he would definitely be able to solve the problem. Therefore, everyone called him "Bai Wan": In other words, "Someone who must have him during the day and night."
Good lord!
On the surface, this person was angry with Yu Yongtian, but he was respectful to us in private. He often expressed to us that he was only following orders!
This sentence dispelled our hostility and turned our anger onto Young Master Yu!
This was a personal object!