Chapter 2: Basic martial arts

Chu Ming popped his head out of the pond and took a deep breath. Then, he took a deep breath and his pale face turned slightly red.
Although the weather was sunny, the temperature was not high. It was less than ten degrees, and the water in the pond was bone-chilling.
Chu Ming crawled out of the pond with great difficulty. He took out a bed of blankets from his backpack and went straight to the small bed by the pond, wrapping himself tightly in the blanket.
Naturally, the small bed was moved by Chu Ming himself. Normally, no one would set up a bed by the pond.
On the bed, Chu Ming sat cross-legged, breathing according to the specific breathing method.
This was the method of adjusting one’s breathing in the foundational internal energy. As the foundational internal energy circulated, Chu Ming’s physical strength gradually recovered, and his cold body gradually warmed up.
While adjusting his breathing, Chu Ming opened the system panel with a thought.
Version 0.01
Version update progress: 0%
Source Point: 0
character attributes:
Main attribute
Power: 12
Agility: 13
Stamina: 12
Mind: 15
Swordsmanship 1 Saber Technique 1 Shield 1
Cultivation method: Basic level 10 of the Sword Technique (+ 1 Sword Technique) Basic level 10 of the Saber Technique (+ 1 Saber Technique) Basic level 20 of the Fist and Feet (+ 2 Strength) Basic level 10 (+ 1 Agility) Basic level 10 (+ 1 Barrier) Basic level 22 internal force (+ 2 Stamina) Learning level 10 (+ 1 Spirit)
dungeon: Golden Bull Dojo (Open)
Return countdown: 28 days 10: 47 minutes
This was what he had gained in the past two days.
Yesterday, Chu Ming had basically figured out the situation in this dungeon world. There was only one Golden Bull Dojo in this world, and there were invisible barriers all around it. It could be understood as a game paste.
The people here were not real people either. They were more like low-intelligent NPCs in the game. There were problems with their daily communication, but they instinctively followed the rules of the game and talked about the lines in the game.
Every NPC played their role faithfully, saying their lines, and playing their role.
Just like the owner of the Golden Bull Dojo, Zhu Yu, who had been staying in the main hall, Zhu Yu would reminisce with him after Chu Ming entered.
When Chu Ming expressed that he wanted to learn a single force, Zhu Yu would say, "Young hero, your basic internal force and knowledge are still lacking. Please continue working hard!"
His identity here was the son of Zhu Yu's old friend, and he had come to learn from his skills. Logically speaking, if it was a normal world, this identity would receive many preferential treatment.
However, this world was only a game dungeon, only a few hundred square meters in size.
Everything here was based on the rules of the game. He could ask Zhu Yu for basic martial arts, but he still needed to spend some potential.
Therefore, Chu Ming chose another path. He would make his own base level and keep all his potential points. In the end, he would use it to break through the level of the Qi Qi Technique.
This world was based on game settings. A specific action could increase the proficiency of basic martial arts.
In the kitchen, chopping firewood could increase the proficiency of the basic saber technique. In the wood man's practice, he could improve the basic sword technique's basic moves. If he moved the wood from the wood woodshed to the woodshed and handed it to the manager of the woodshed, he could improve the basic fist and feet. If he jumped into the pond, he could increase the basic internal energy. If he read books in the study, he could increase his reading and comprehension.
In the original game settings, other than being only at level 30, the rest of the basic skills could reach level 100. However, it would take a lot of time.
This dungeon perfectly continued these settings, but it changed a little in some details to make it more realistic.
In the original game, there was no threshold for learning one's martial arts, but here, one needed a certain level of basic internal arts and reading.
Jumping into a pond to wash the basic internal energy. In the game, players only needed to order a little, but in reality, players needed to jump into the pond, circulate their inner energy, and hold their breaths for a minute to increase their proficiency.
Other places had also undergone subtle changes. In the game, chopping firewood and picking water did not give potential value, but here, it gave a small amount of potential value.
Other than that, every time the game used a basic skill, it required a certain amount of qi and blood. In reality, physical energy was consumed.
The early stages of the basic skill were upgraded very quickly. Yesterday, Chu Ming had already reached level ten with all the basic skills.
While creating basic skills here, a corresponding piece of information appeared in his mind, allowing the players to learn it directly.
Chu Ming had originally wanted to increase his level in terms of basic internal energy, but he needed to jump into a pond to increase his basic internal energy. It could be said to be the most difficult one.
Yesterday, Chu Ming was afraid that his body would be frozen, so he only reached level ten on the first day.
Other than that, there was also a hidden bug and two branches in the game. Chu Ming did not do it either.
The hidden bug in the game could be picked up to kill the manager of the water room, then stack the water pile on the manager's corpse, take it out at once. 99 groups, at most 400 groups, and then bring it to the vegetable field to water.
And now, not only did the game pick water give one basic proficiency, but it also gave one potential points. If this bug was still around, after obtaining the Qi Technique, Chu Ming could directly increase the Qi Technique to an extremely high level.
However, Chu Ming could not confirm if this bug was still there. He could not place all his hopes on the game bug.
As for the two branches, one of them was a letter that he had obtained from Madam Zhu in the bookshelf. If he handed it over to Madam Zhu, he would be able to obtain the footwork diagram. The footlight diagram could be used to exchange martial arts in the Plum Manor dungeon in the later stages, and he could also hand it over to Mr. Fan in the account room to obtain a hundred taels of silver.
The other one was to rescue the agents locked in the secret chamber and obtain a jade belt.
The original word game had turned into a world that looked like reality, making Chu Ming not dare to try the bug so easily. Although the NPC's intelligence here was not high, what if he killed the steward of the water house and was hunted down by the people in the dojo? He could not take the risk now.
Of course, he probably couldn't beat the steward of the water house.
There was also the possibility of Mr. Zhu taking revenge on the letter.
As for external helpers, they needed to kill Zhu Yu to get the key.
Therefore, on the first day, Chu Ming had a very low profile. However, when the first day ended, Chu Ming discovered the most crucial setting. This world would actually be refreshed!
Every twenty-four hours passed, the dungeon would be refreshed. When they returned to their original appearance, all the NPCs would lose their memories of themselves, and everything in the dungeon would return to its original state.
Even Chu Ming himself would return to his peak state. Only the martial arts he had learned would not be refreshed.
Upon discovering this, Chu Ming, who was originally restraining himself from jumping into the pond, instantly went all out. In order to increase the level of his basic internal energy, he started jumping to his death.
He had already made a decision. He had to learn the basic internal energy and reading in the shortest time possible to reach the threshold of learning one's own energy, and then learn one's own energy.
Facing a female ghost, this kind of thing that surpassed common sense was very useless. Only something like internal force that surpassed common sense had the possibility of dealing with a female ghost.
As for the basic internal energy, it was not considered internal energy at all. It could only be considered internal energy or blood qi.