Chapter 1: Nine River City!

Jiangnan Base City, Jiujiang City, Gu Qing District's number one high school.
A curtain was pulled up in the dim classroom.
The multi-scale equipment in the classroom was operating, playing an intense and cruel war between monsters and humans.
The young and inexperienced faces changed their expressions under the flickering light, and their emotions kept rising and falling as the images played.
At the same time, a deep male voice sounded along with the image on the screen.
"At the beginning of the 21st century, a few viruses appeared around the world..."
There was a boy lying at the second last table near the back door window.
It was as if he was not affected by the explanation and was sleeping soundly.
A long and rhythmic snoring sound came from his side.
The students at the side ignored this scene.
Only the long hair beside the boy reached her waist. The girl with the neatly arranged Liu Hai in front of her forehead and thick black-framed glasses looked at him worriedly.
The low voice echoed in the classroom.
"...In September 125, with the attacks of countless creatures in the ocean as the beginning, countless 'monsters' transformed from birds and beasts began to attack the human residence!
"During the war, many powerful martial artists appeared among the humans! A lot of cute stories appeared!"
"The large-scale war between monsters and humans has finally ended from September Cemetery to March 2021."
"Fromado to 2021 years, these eight years will be the Great Nirvana Period in the history of mankind!"
"Ling Ling Ling Ling..."
As the last explanation of the movie fell, the school's school bell rang perfectly.
The curtains were pulled open, and bright and dazzling sunlight shone in from outside.
The boy who was sitting at the back of the classroom seemed to have reacted instinctively. He stood up straight and quietly packed the books and miscellaneous items in front of him.
A pool of suspicious liquid appeared on the table. The boy wanted to wipe it with a tissue, took out his pocket, and found it empty.
At this moment, a small white hand handed over a bag of tissues.
The boy looked down and saw that it was his usual silent tablemate.
The boy grinned and revealed his white teeth. "Thank you."
"You're welcome." The bespectacled girl's eyes darted away.
"By the way, are you still going to Sister Yurong's place today?"
"Yes." The boy smiled heartily. "Speaking of which, thank you so much. Help me introduce such a good customer."
The boy returned the remaining tissue to his table again, then clapped his hands and walked out from the back door of the classroom. Before he left, he didn't forget to politely say to his tablemate who had been with him for almost two years. "Student Lin Youyu, goodbye."
The girl with long hair and waist had just opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something, but the boy had already disappeared.
Her tender lips moved, and then she lowered her head dejectedly.
After a while, the girl's gaze inadvertently swept across the boy's seat and landed on his wet table. She didn't know what to think, but her fair and tender face suddenly turned red.
On the other side, Wang Yi, who was in high spirits, had already walked out of the school building where he was in his third year and walked towards the school gate.
Dressed in a gray sportswear, he had a well-proportioned figure and was mixed in with three to five groups of students.
It was just that occasionally, when a girl passing by saw his face, her eyes lit up.
Some of the students who knew Wang Yi turned sideways and showed respect and admiration when they saw him.
Wang Yi was no longer surprised by this.
After all, he was one of the five high-level students of this high school.
Wang Yi was a transmigrator.
This world was the world that Wang Yi was very familiar with.
Wang Yi had transmigrated to an ordinary family and lived in a tube building in the base city. His living conditions were not very good. He had an older sister who was two years old, but after he graduated from high school, he had found a job to get married. Currently, he and his parents were living in a narrow and crude rented apartment that was only thirty square meters.
In Wang Yi's memory, this house had lived for 18 years.
When Wang Yi transmigrated, his soul fused with his mother's embryo and finally grew into the current Wang Yi.
Because his soul had transmigrated, ever since he was young, Wang Yi had been more mature and intelligent than his peers. He was very sensible and obedient, and his grades were also very good.
Other than learning, he had been training his body since he was young. Sometimes, he could not get tired from the silent training of those videos for the whole day, which shocked his family.
Relying on such hard work, Wang Yi obtained the title of 'high-level student' in less than a year after he joined the maximum martial arts school in the neighborhood at the age of 16. He became the only family among the four thousand high school students in the entire Gu Qing District who had an ordinary family but obtained the title of 'high-level martial arts student'!
Because of this, Wang Yi was very famous in school. Many students admired him very much!
However, no one knew the bitterness in Wang Yi's heart.
"It's been 18 years..." Wang Yi looked up at the sky, a trace of confusion in his eyes.
Walking out of the school gate, he walked along the streets where people came and went. Although he was dressed plain and ordinary, his straight waist and outstanding appearance still made him look like a crane among a flock of chickens in the crowd.
Some of the women passing by glanced sideways.
Wang Yi looked straight ahead, thinking about his own thoughts.
It was already April 2056, and Year Three had entered the second semester for a month.
It was time to enter the official plot!
The original protagonist, 'Luo Feng', would awaken his innate spiritual willpower. From then on, he would walk the path of killing and killing!
On the other hand, Wang Yi was just an ordinary student of a high school. Although he was a 'high-level student of a dojo' and was a genius in the eyes of many people, Wang Yi knew how good this' genius 'was.
This was the liver that he had worked so hard for more than ten years!
It was nothing compared to that freak Luo Feng!
Although Wang Yi had tried his best to go to Yangzhou City, which was next to Jiangnan Base City, and was familiar with Luo Feng, his relationship was still that of an ordinary friend. Wei Wen, his best friend who had grown up with him through crotch pants, could not be compared to him.
He did not know how much City Lord Luo could take care of him in the future.
Wasn't the martial arts team that had gone through life and death with Luo Feng old enough to die in the end?
Although he was thinking, Wang Yi's walking speed was not slow. After ten minutes, he arrived at a very famous wealthy district nearby.
Looking at the beautifully decorated villa district, Wang Yi took a deep breath, his heart filled with wild ambition.
One day, I would live in such a spacious and comfortable house with my family!
But before that...
"Miss Gao? Little Wang is already here."