Chapter 1: Top aptitude

Flying Feather World, Heavenly Fault Sect.
After Xu Fan completed the mission arranged by the sect, he returned to his courtyard.
Although it was called a small courtyard, it was more like an independent small courtyard at the top of the mountain. This was the standard for outer court intermediate disciples.
Looking at the ten mu of spiritual rice in front of the door and a small medicinal field in the distance, Xu Fan formed an incantation gesture.
In the sky above the spirit field, countless water vapor gathered along with strands of spirit energy, forming a water cloud that perfectly covered the entire spirit field.
"Spirit Rain Technique"
On the spiritual field, there was a small rain under the water clouds, accompanied by strands of spiritual energy seeping into the field.
If the sect elder were to witness this scene, he would definitely be suppressed by Xu Fan's move and even the Spirit Rain Technique.
This was because very few people could cultivate such a useless spell to such a level.
"There are still 10 days left before we can collect these spiritual rice. When the time comes, we'll be able to buy alchemy equipment and apprentice spirit stones."
“After learning alchemy, we won’t have to worry about spirit stones anymore,” said Xu Fan with a smile as he looked at the spiritual rice that was taller than before.
After returning to the room and opening the silence restriction, Xu Fan began to relax. He casually picked up a piece of iron bone wood with a carved knife and started sculpting.
As the carving knife in his hand flipped up and down, in a short while, a miniature Wuling Hong Guang appeared in Xu Fan's hand.
"Sigh, I don't know who created this kind of pitiful system, but you just want to recognize me."
"He clearly gave me top-notch aptitude and was limited to the last day to break through. The Refinement Stage is 150 years old, the Building Foundation Stage is 200 years old, the Golden Core Stage is 500 years old, and the Nascent Soul Stage is 1,000 years old. The Soul Splitting Stage..."
"Forget it. I reckon I won't be able to live until then."
As Xu Fan spoke, he placed Wuling Hong Guang aside and picked up the iron bone wood he had prepared from the side to continue sculpting. This was a way for him to relax and pass away his boredom.
"I've broken through 100% on the day of my death. If I die in the middle, I'll be resurrected."
"Isn't he asking me to be the number one geek in the cultivation world? Although I used to be a geek too."
"However, I also want to take a look at such a vast and boundless world."
Xu Fan shook his head again.
"The outside world is too dangerous. Let's wait for a while. I'll go out and take a look when I reach the twelfth level."
While they were talking, another common view completed the sculpture.
Xu Fan stood up, walked to a wall, and knocked on it a few times.
There was a hidden door on the wall, and a flight of stairs. This was a basement that Xu Fan had built with earth movement.
After entering the basement, Xu Fan snapped his fingers and a top-notch illumination spell hit the ceiling. Instantly, the 40-odd flat basement was like daytime, like the sun shining on the first morning.
In the middle of the basement was a large platform. On top of it was the city he remembered. The streets were bustling with water, and there were all kinds of shops. In the courtyard in the center of the platform, there was a wooden sculpture that looked like Xu Fan.
Xu Fan casually placed the two wooden carved carriages on the carved road and acted as a member of the traffic.
"I can't go back. With Big Brother around, Dad and Mom will be safe for the rest of their lives."
Xu Fan looked out of his daze at the small courtyard in the center of the platform. The statue of the woman who was cooking was very ordinary, but the person he missed the most was the person he missed the most.
After a moment of nostalgia, Xu Fan returned to his room and started his final training today.
“After entering the sect for six years, he has reached the fourth level of Qi Refining. This speed is just right in the middle. Very good. Working hard to live is victory.” Xu Fan consoled himself. At the same time, he had a guess in his heart. After countless years, if he became the one with the highest cultivation in the world, wouldn’t he be able to return to his original world?
The Immortal Emperor was reborn in Carefree City.
Xu Fan smiled.
"If that's the case, it's worth it to live longer."
“All right, cultivate. What if we accidentally break through?”
Xu Fan began to cultivate daily. The cultivation technique he cultivated was the most basic and stable Five Elements Art in the cultivation world. Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth had their own cultivation technique. They could be cultivated alone and combined together.
The Five Elements Technique's greatest characteristic was that it had no special characteristics. The only benefit was that if one fully cultivated the Five Elements Technique, it would be beneficial to the full set of Five Elements Technique. The rest would be very ordinary.
Within Xu Fan’s body, his spiritual energy circulated into a small cycle before returning to his dantian.
However, this situation only lasted for a short while before Xu Fan began to temper the spiritual power within his body, making it even purer.
Xu Fan's soul passed through a dying little beggar. He had no parents and only followed a pitiful old beggar.
Xu Fan, who had originally wanted to die, only wanted to live after learning that there were cultivators in this world. After going through countless hardships and all sorts of schemes, he finally became an outer sect disciple of the Heavenly Que Sect.
That old beggar had also died two years after Xu Fan had entered the Heavenly Que Gate. The medicinal stone was hopeless. According to him, the heavens were punishing him, preventing him from enjoying himself.
After Xu Fan entered the Heavenly Que Sect and obtained the first spirit stone, the old beggar lived a life that he didn’t even dare to think about in the past. He lived a life of luxury and lived a carefree life, but unfortunately, he only enjoyed two years of good fortune.
The next morning, after Xu Fan finished the spiritual rice and minced meat porridge he made, he used the Light Body Technique and drifted towards one of the three main peaks in the distance, Tai Xue Peak.
"Senior Brother Xu, come down. Don't show off your intermediate light body technique."
A handsome young man raised his head and shouted at Xu Fan.
Xu Fan, who was floating in the air, narrowed his eyes when he saw Wang Yulun on the mountain path. He swayed and floated towards Wang Yulun.
"Senior Brother Xu, when are you going to teach me some experience? How can you cultivate the Light Body Technique to the intermediate level and reach the deepest part? The speed of your journey is no slower than Sword Kinesis Flight," Wang Yuren said enviously as he looked at Xu Fan.
“Experience? I am just saving my time practicing the offensive and killing techniques to practice the Light Body Technique,” said Xu Fan with a teasing tone. This junior brother was famous amongst the outer disciples. He killed demon beasts at the sixth layer of the Qi Refining realm on the fourth layer of the Qi Refining realm and became famous in the outer sect. It was said that an elder wanted to take him in as a disciple.
"Senior Brother Xu is joking again. What if we don't practice the offensive and killing techniques and encounter demon beasts outside?"
"Then I won't go out," Xu Fan said matter-of-factly.
Wang Yulun did not understand why such a talented senior brother was so timid. Even carrying out a sect mission was the safest mission in the sect.
"Senior Brother Xu, teach me if you have the chance. How about your skills?" Wang Yuron said in a flattering manner.
Others might not know, but he saw that there was an accident with the sect's Beast-controlling Hall's seal. Hundreds of demon beasts that had yet to be tamed ran out.
When he was forced into a desperate situation by the three fire wolves of the sixth level of Qi Cultivation, it was Xu Fan who happened to pass by. He couldn't bear to see death and didn't save him. He casually used the Three Elements Combination Technique, the Burning Wind Wood Arrow, and killed the three fire wolves to save Wang Yulun.
At that time, Wang Yulun was especially shocking. It was difficult for him to be proficient in killing-type magic techniques, but Xu Fan actually casually cast a joint magic technique.
From then on, Wang Yuren was Xu Fan's loyal follower.