Chapter 1: The funeral.

It was late autumn, and with the modern European style, the Cars and Horses were moving around. It was quite lively.
There was a deck car that carried goods like a truck.
There was a rented carriage that carried passengers like taxis.
There was a private carriage decorated with pure fur that looked like a high-end sedan.
There were men and women walking on both sides of the street, rushing to work.
There was a housewife carrying a paper bag containing food who had already gone out to buy food and was returning home.
There was a reporter carrying a slanted cloth bag on his back.

After breakfast, Fei Lin pushed open the door of the "Failin Appraisal House". This was the first thing he saw.
It had been twenty years since he saw such a scene, but he still felt that it was unreal, as if he was in a dream.
There was a secret in Ferlin's mind. His soul was not from this world, but from a blue planet.
However, unlike many transmigrators, he had not awakened his golden finger, at least now.
Even though he didn't have a golden finger, he had successfully learned a skill based on his wisdom.
At the age of 20, he had his own jewelry and antique appraiser. Every week, he would receive about 4 gold coins.
1 gold coin was equivalent to 20 first tokens, 1 first token was equivalent to 12 passersby, and 1 passersby was about 4 yuan from his previous life.
According to his calculations, his monthly income was about 15,000 yuan from his previous life.
In Constantine, there were not many people whose income could reach this level. Although it was not enough, it was more than enough to reach the middle level.
Today, he was not wearing his usual formal clothes. Instead, he was wearing black clothes.
Black represented Zhuang Zhenzheng and wailing. This was the requirement to participate in the funeral.
He put down his work and was going to attend a funeral.
He bought a bouquet of white chrysanthemum from the flower shop and took the rented carriage to the public grave outside the city.
An hour later, the carriage stopped at the public grave outside the city.
There were already many men in black gathered at a spot in the cemetery, and Ferlin walked towards that place.
As he got closer, he saw some familiar faces among the men in black, and they recognized him.
However, both sides only nodded slightly and did not greet each other because it was not a suitable occasion.
A rectangular pit had been dug out in one part of the cemetery, and a tombstone had been erected.
The tombstone was engraved with the name of the tomb owner and his life experience.
The owner of the tomb was called Lei Romano, an archaeologist. He had devoted his life to excavating the truth of history and had made outstanding contributions to the archaeology world.
He had nurtured many outstanding students and sent many outstanding talents to the archaeology world.
As Ferlin muttered softly, the image of a thin old man appeared in his mind.
He was one of the many students of Lei Romano, and his antique appraisal knowledge was taught by Lei Romano.
From the learning of jewelry and antique appraisal knowledge, as well as the opening of the appraisal house, he was taken care of by Lei Romano.
It was precisely because of Lei Romano's care that he was able to own his own shop at such a young age.
One by one, more people arrived. Some of them were people that Ferlin knew, and some were also people that he did not know.
At ten o'clock, a carriage slowly drove over. Inside the carriage was a coffin covered in cloth, and within the coffin was Lei Romano's corpse.
Behind the carriage followed Lei Romano's family. There was his son, his daughter-in-law, his granddaughter-in-law, and his granddaughter-in-law.
As for his wife, she had already passed away before him.
Everyone faced the coffin. An old man with quite a status stood in front of the coffin and chanted the mantra.
“Mister Lei Romano is a great archaeologist. When he was alive, he had always been dedicated.”
If this world was the biggest difference between the past and the modern world in Europe, then there were no churches or priests in this world, and all religious beliefs were not allowed.
Anyone who believed in religion would be recognized as a heretic and be wanted and arrested by the kingdom. Therefore, the person who recited the poem was not a priest but an old man with a higher status.
After reciting the poem, the coffin was buried. Everyone went up and offered the white flowers to express their sorrow.
The funeral was over. Everyone dispersed one after another. Instead of leaving immediately, Ferlin stayed behind.
After the participants of the funeral had basically left, he walked up to the son of Lei Romano,chosy Romano, and shouted.
"Mr. Romano."
"You're my father's student, right? What's the matter?"
Joss Romano's eyes were slightly red. He asked when he saw Ferlin walking up.
"Yes, I'm Teacher Romano's student."
Fei Lin hesitated for a moment and asked.
"When I met him a while ago, Teacher was still in good health. Why did he suddenly react?"
"He died of illness in an archaeology not long ago."
Rose Romano said in a low voice.
"How could this be? Isn't Teacher not going down to the tomb anymore? Why is he going down to the tomb again?"
After knowing the cause of his teacher's death, Ferlin couldn't help but feel even more sad, because his teacher's death could have been avoided.
"That was a tomb from the dynasty's era. It was very valuable for archaeology. Father was worried about handing it over to someone else, so he went down to the tomb."
Rose Romano sighed.
"A tomb during the dynasty?"
Fei Lin was shocked. He understood why his teacher, who was no longer going down the tomb, went down the tomb again.
In this era, he was located in the Heide Castle Kingdom, the Arkano Kingdom, and the Bobotuan Kingdom. He was known as the kingdom.
And even earlier, about 600 years ago, it was the Duchy. There were dozens of duchys of various sizes, and they were called the Duchy period.
Further ahead, about a thousand years ago, there was only one dynasty called the dynasty period.
It was an incomparably powerful empire that ruled over the current three kingdoms, and its history had lasted for thousands of years.
However, such a powerful country was suddenly destroyed one day.
Its destruction had also become the biggest mystery in the archaeology world, a history that almost all archaeologists wanted to explore.
As an archaeologist, how could a teacher not be able to endure the detection of such a tomb?
"Not long after we went down to the tomb, one of them coughed up blood and died very quickly."
"Father and the others sensed that something was wrong and immediately left the tomb."
"But even if they leave immediately, they won't be able to survive."
"Just like that person from before, they also showed signs of coughing blood."
"Although they invited the alchemist, the alchemist was helpless. Soon, they died one after another."
Rose Romano said sadly.
"Teacher, could it be that they came into contact with something poisonous in the tomb?"
Ferlin asked with a frown.
Due to the long period of sealing and decay in the tomb, poisonous substances could easily be produced.
Although he would use living birds to investigate when he went down to the tomb, he could not avoid it completely.
This was because some toxic substances were not gas at all. They could be moss on the walls or some invisible mold.
“I don’t know.”Rose Romano shook her head sadly.
"My condolences!"
Ferlin comforted Josy Romano and left after a long time.
It was late autumn, and the sky was gray. There was no sunlight in sight; it was daytime, but it was like evening.
“Wow! Wow!”
At this time of the year, many of the trees in the cemetery had fallen off.
A few black crows that were covered in black banners symbolized the ominous crows. They stood on the bare branches and emitted ear-piercing and even horrifying sounds.
Their blood-red eyes stared at the cemetery below, unblinking.
There was clearly no one, but they seemed to have seen some sort of "person".

The next morning, Ferlin, who had been closed for a day, started working.
The appraiser's job was like its name, which was to appraise the antique game.
Most of them were entrusted to a wealthy merchant or a noble family to appraise ancient jewelry for them.
After leaving the home of a wealthy merchant, Ferlin took a rented carriage back to the appraisal house.
"Teacher's residence is right in front..."
Passing by a street, Ferlin looked in a certain direction.
As Lei Romano's student, he had gone to Lei Romano's residence, and Lei Romano's residence was on this street.
"Yes, what's going on? Why are there police officers in front of Teacher's door?"
A few people in police uniforms appeared in front of the teacher's door. The teacher's son, Josy Romano, was talking to them.
His intuition told him that something bad might happen.
As Lei Romano's student, he naturally couldn't ignore him. He hurriedly asked the coachman to stop the carriage in front of Lei Romano's door.
"Mr. Romanos, what happened?"
Looking at Jossy Romano, Ferlin asked.
"The tomb keeper discovered that his father's tomb had been dug open and his corpse had disappeared."
Joss Romano said with an ugly expression.