Chapter 1: The Martial Association of marriage

"Whoosh! Whoosh!" In the martial arts arena, dozens of youths in their teens were running with sandbags on their backs.
This was the Divine Dragon Continent’s most standard cultivation sandbag, each weighing thirty kilograms! Among these youths, the most common one had already carried four sandbags, yet his speed was still the fastest.
"Tianlong is indeed worthy of being the number one genius of our Zhuang Clan. He's only 15 years old, yet he's already able to carry more than 50 kilograms of weight and run as fast as he can."
"Looks like our Zhuang Family is about to produce the youngest martial child!"
"That's right. Compared to some fake geniuses who were praised out, it's simply like a firefly compared to a bright moon!" A few older martial artists were exclaiming in admiration. The last sentence of disdain was directed at Zhuang Yichen, who was sitting in the corner of the training grounds with a sickly face and a somewhat dazed gaze.
"Brother, it's time for you to go back and take your medicine!" At this time, a girl about twelve or three years old ran over and said gently to him.
"Oh!" Zhuang Yichen stood up numbly. Feeling a faint pain in his body, he could not help but smile bitterly in his heart.
What kind of thing was this? On Earth, he had already successfully caught up to the goddess in his heart, but in the next second, he arrived at this unfamiliar place.
Although he was not a poor person, in his eyes, he was nothing different. His parents were both dead, and his six relatives were unreliable. He only had a young child to take in a wife.
“Wan-er is truly becoming more beautiful! In another two or three years, she will most likely be devastatingly beautiful!”
"That's right. A girl like her is following Zhuang Yichen, a prodigal. She's really throwing herself into the dark!"
“It is said that the patriarch intends to marry Wan-er into the Ji Clan’s marriage alliance. I heard that the patriarch of the Ji Clan is very interested in Wan-er and is willing to use a grade two martial skill as a betrothal gift!” The discussions behind him were somewhat unrestrained. Zhuang Yichen’s fist was already tightly clenched.
“That old fellow from the Ji Clan must already be seventy years old. He actually attacked a girl like Wan’er. How hateful!” Zhuang Yichen was furious, but at this moment, he could only endure.
The previous owner of this body was the biological grandson of the original head of the family, but a sudden change had caused both parents to die, leaving only him alone.
After the current family head took over the throne, he deliberately indulged the young Zhuang Yichen to have some fun. In just a few short years, he had squandered most of the inheritance.
The two of them walked to a place with no one around. Zhuang Yichen suddenly said in a low voice, "Wan'er, don't be afraid. Everything will be mine!"
She raised her head in surprise and looked at him. Wan-er couldn’t figure out why her fiancé, who had been cursing her for losing his family, suddenly became a different person today.
"Yes!" She nodded. Even if Zhuang Yichen had only been on the verge of death, she was still happy.
When Zhuang Yichen saw her expression, he understood that she naturally didn't believe him. Everything that the original owner of the body had done could probably only be washed with time.
The two of them returned to their rooms. A burly body was already sitting on a chair in front of a table.
“Third Uncle!” Wan-er cried out in pleasant surprise. This person was one of the Zhuang Clan’s pillars, and he already had Zhuang Yefeng, who was second only to the current Clan Head. If it weren’t for him taking care of Zhuang Yichen for the past few years, he would’ve long since been expelled from the clan.
"Yes! Yichen, are you feeling better?" Zhuang Yefeng's face was majestic and his gaze towards Zhuang Yichen was very gentle.
"Third Uncle, it's already much better!" Zhuang Yichen replied. This was the only elder in the Zhuang family who treated him well. He had experienced the other party's sincere concern over the past few days.
"That's good! The marriage martial arts competition of the martial artists of our Zisang County will begin in a few days. I will introduce a marriage to you, and I will try my best to help you obtain a spot in the county trial!" Zhuang Yefeng sighed softly as a pill suddenly appeared in his hand.
"Actually, your talent has always been quite good. You were only delayed by yourself. This is a Level Two Body Tempering Pill. It is very helpful for healing injuries and raising your cultivation base. The rest can only be left to you!" Zhuang Yefeng said in a deep voice.
"A level-two Body Tempering Pill. This is an extremely valuable medicine." Zhuang Yichen was a little moved. It turned out that Zhuang Yefeng had been out for him for the past few days! Looking at his exhausted face, he must have put in a lot of effort.
"I'm a little hungry. Wan-er, go out and help me get some food!" Zhuang Yichen suddenly said.
After Wan-er left, Zhuang Yefeng's expression immediately turned solemn.
“Yi Chen, you should know that the Ji family has already proposed marriage to the family head, right?” Zhuang Yefeng felt a bit helpless.
Although his strength could be ranked in the top few in the family, there were still many senior elders suppressing him. He was powerless to oppose the family head's decision, especially the level-two martial arts technique produced by the Ji family.
"Third Uncle, I already know! Wan'er is my wife who has yet to pass the door. I will not give her to anyone!" Zhuang Yichen said calmly.
What kind of joke was this? The only benefit of transmigrating here was the little girl accompanying her. Even the Heavenly Gods and Buddhas would not be able to snatch it away.
"As long as you can show your value, perhaps the elders will consider your feelings!" Zhuang Yefeng said carefully.
"If I can defeat Zhuang Tianlong, wouldn't that prove my value?" Zhuang Tianlong was the young man who carried a weight of a hundred kilograms as he flew around. He was the direct grandson of the head of the family and the number one genius of the Zhuang family.
“Of course!” Zhuang Yefeng stood up and patted his shoulder, gently saying, “Don’t let Wan-er down!”