Chapter 1: Tsk

Overwhelming heaven and earth.
In the depths of the Earth Fire Mountain Range in the Nirvana Continent, lava flowed like crimson blood.
In the Earth Fire Mountain Range that stretched for tens of millions of miles, the earth shook and the mountains shook. Rumbling sounds rang out as if doomsday had arrived.
In the northern part of the continent, there was a terrifying demonic figure that slowly solidified in the depths of the void. It looked at each other from afar, and wherever its gaze went, the source of light seemed to disappear, engulfing everything in its path.
In the deep part of the cold underground in the west, a roar rang out. The ten thousand beasts trembled and pressed their foreheads against the hard ground.
A three-legged bronze cauldron that was constantly spewing out high-temperature magma was floating high in the air. The bronze cauldron was extraordinarily large, as if it could cover the sky. The fire dragons carved on its surface exuded a dense blood qi that was as vast as the sea. They were swimming crazily, violently and greedily pulling the nine blazing flames that shot out from the mountain.
The nine streaks of dark red flames were connected to the nine Fire Source Ponds in the Earth Fire Mountain Range respectively. At that moment, as if they were forcefully pulled, they shot straight towards the bronze cauldron, disappearing without a trace.
Inside the cauldron was a small world of its own.
Countless dazzling ancient runes exuded an ancient, vast, and mysterious aura. They danced like millions of gods in the vast world of the cauldron like butterflies.
It was a huge pill that was overflowing with brilliance. Lightning interweaved and divine light shone brightly. There were nine flaming threads shuttling through it.
The pill kept twisting and shaking, shooting out colorful memory points. In the depths of each light point, scenes appeared. It was a life experience.
Many specks of light were like dazzling fireworks, disappearing in the blink of an eye.
"Senior Brother, the effects of the Reincarnation Pill are not right!"
Suddenly, a shrill howl rang out from within the pill.
The howl was first filled with fear, anger, and finally despair and sorrow.
“Of course not.” Zhong Chichen’s expression was indifferent as he quietly looked at the Reincarnation Pill that carried all of Hong Qi’s soul imprints. He said softly, “Goodbye, my good junior brother.”
The huge pill shrank at an extremely strange speed. The nine threads of flame suddenly lit up, as if they were tearing through space and time.
In the end, the pill condensed into the size of a grain of rice. Then, it suddenly emitted a dazzling divine light and disappeared.
A few days later, the Medicine God Sect announced that Hong Qi had lost control of his alchemy skills and his soul had dispersed.
The position of the Sect Master of the Medicine God Sect was replaced by his Senior Brother Zhong Chichen.