Chapter 1: Golden Bull Dojo

It was an excellent weather. A huge sun hung in the sky. The sky was clear and there was no clouds at all.
Chu Ming was deep in thought. He had been deep in thought for five minutes...
Chu Ming, a man, was 19 years old. He lived in South Yang City in Hua State. He had a sister and a room. His parents were alive and there were no illnesses or disasters. If nothing went wrong, he should be able to live for many years.
He himself was studying in the second year of the Southern Yang University of Technology's history department in South Yang City.
It was an ordinary resume. In this world, there were thousands of people like him, but he had encountered a ghost. She was still a female ghost.
"What happened to the world?"
Chu Ming felt as if he had been deceived and had been deceived for many years.
"The most important question now is, what exactly is this place?!" Chu Ming was a little dazed.
He clearly remembered that he had been chased by a female ghost previously. At that time, he had already felt an ice-cold hand stick to the heart on his back. Originally, he had thought that his life would end up like this, but who would have thought that his eyes would blur and actually come to such an unfamiliar place?
Chu Ming was 100% sure that this was definitely not Earth because there was a boundary here!
Just like the edge of the map in the game, the edges were all pasted, and players were unable to step into it.
It was the same in this world.
Other than the huge mansion with the words ‘Golden Bull Dojo’ written on it, the place that Chu Ming could enter was less than a hundred square meters.
Before Chu Ming fell into deep thought, he had already touched the edge of the world. It was an invisible wall. No matter how hard Chu Ming tried, he could not shake it in the slightest.
After thinking for another three minutes, Chu Ming finally made a decision. He strode to the entrance of the Golden Bull Dojo and grabbed the wristband.
Both the touch and the voice were very real. As Chu Ming touched the door, it was as if a switch had suddenly opened in his mind. A large piece of information suddenly appeared in his brain.
Version 0.01
Version update progress: 0%
Source Point: 0
character attributes:
Main attribute
Power: 10
Agility: 12
Stamina: 10
Mind: 14
side attributes (not activated)
Cultivation method: None
dungeon: Golden Bull Dojo (Open)
Back countdown: 29 days, 23 minutes, 50 minutes...
"This is?!"
"Look." When something suddenly appeared in his brain, Chu Ming could not help but fall into deep thought again.
If nothing went wrong, this system that had suddenly appeared should be the culprit behind his transmigration.
The data in the system was very easy to understand. The attributes should be his current four-dimensional attribute. The average value of a healthy adult in a human species was ten. This was what was contained in the message and did not appear on the panel.
This four-dimensional attribute watch was quite appropriate. Chu Ming had worked out for a period of time. Although it was abandoned, it was not a fat mansion physique. There was nothing wrong with the average amount of strength and stamina between these two attributes.
Agility represented a person's balance and neural reflex. His talent in games was not bad, and people often said that his reaction speed was fast, so he had twelve points.
Mind referred to spiritual power. Compared to ordinary people, his memory was not bad compared to his energy. In the past, he wrote words very quickly. The highest record was that he spent two days and two nights in a row, but he was still in high spirits.
Fourteen spiritual points was not too exaggerated.
The final countdown meant that Chu Ming would return to reality in 29 days.
"Is this world called the Golden Bull Dojo?"
"Golden Bull Dojo. This name gives me an inexplicable sense of vision."
Chu Ming thought to himself.
"So, as long as the number below is zero, I can go back?"
"So we can go back!"
Chu Ming heaved a sigh of relief. At first, he thought he was going to say goodbye to Earth.
"Wait, let's go back?!"
Chu Ming suddenly became serious.
"How does time count between Earth and here?"
"Oh! Comparatively speaking, it's absolutely still!"
Chu Ming found the answer he wanted from the large pile of information.
"Wait, stop?!"
Chu Ming's expression suddenly turned extremely stiff.
At this moment, Chu Ming thought of the female ghost that was chasing him relentlessly.
No one was not afraid of death. Although Chu Ming was bolder than the average person, he did not dare to go to the old teaching building alone in the middle of the night to get books. However, being bold did not mean that he was not afraid of death.
In particular, he had died at the hands of an inexplicable female ghost. Chu Ming expressed that he should not die in this way. After all, he was just an ordinary three-good student!
Just as Chu Ming's heart was in turmoil, the door of the Golden Bull Dojo slowly opened. An old man who looked to be in his sixties and his face was caved in, appeared in front of Chu Ming.
When he saw Chu Ming, the old man first cupped his hands and said, "You must be Young Warrior Chu! The curator knew that Young Warrior was coming today, so he specially asked me to wait here!"
When Chu Ming heard this, his expression did not change. However, his mind was spinning. The scene in front of him gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity, but for a moment, he could not recall it.
"May I know how to address you, Senior?" Chu Ming cupped his hands in response and imitated the lines in the ancient drama.
“Senior doesn’t dare to be a senior, this lowly one was fortunate enough to receive the Lord’s favor and follow the Lord’s surname. Young hero Chu, you can call me Butler Zhu.” The old man said.
"Golden Bull Dojo, butler, old man, Master's surname is Zhu..."
"Wait, could this be..."
Chu Ming suddenly grabbed the wisp of spiritual light in his mind.
At this moment, he suddenly remembered that the first dungeon he had played a few years ago was the Golden Bull Dojo.
When the dungeon player was not strong enough to enter, he would be mocked by the old butler guarding the gate first. He had to defeat the old butler to enter.
However, if he was strong enough, not only would the old butler not stop him, he would even respectfully address him as the young hero of the players and welcome him. It was an incomparably realistic reality.
In the game, the owner of the Golden Bull Dojo was Zhu!
At that moment, Chu Ming was 90% sure that this Golden Bull Dojo was definitely related to the word game.
After all, he already had the transmigration system. What was impossible to transmigrate to a game dungeon?
In the game of martial arts, the first dungeon, Golden Bull Dojo, did not have any peerless martial arts, nor did it have any natural treasures. It was extremely barren.
However, to individual players, this was the most important dungeon. Not only were there seven basic martial arts techniques that could reach level 100, but there was also an Inner Art Heart Technique called One Qi Technique.
In the game, basic martial arts could increase one's basic attributes. Every level ten provided a little basic attributes, and the internal energy heart technique could add internal damage.
However, Chu Ming did not know if some of the settings in the game would change when the game dungeon turned into reality.
As he thought about this, Chu Ming suddenly felt a strange movement from the panel in his mind.
With a thought, the panel appeared in Chu Ming's mind again.
At this moment, there was a temporary panel among the most open panel.
Arm strength: 10
Comprehension: 14
Movement Method: 12
Root: 10
Potential: 0
Martial Skill: None
Carrying bag...
There were two pages on the panel. The first page was about attributes, and the second page was about backpacks. There were a total of 16 compartments, which were exactly the same as in the game.
Seeing this extra panel, Chu Ming finally calmed down a little.
The appearance of the temporary panel meant that although the world had turned into reality, the rules of the game still existed.
This meant that in this place, the basic martial arts and martial arts were very likely to be as common as in the game.
In the game, One Qi was only a third-rate martial arts technique, and it couldn't be compared to the Nine Yin Nine Yang Dragon Elephant Prajna. Players didn't even bother about it.
However, to the current Chu Ming, this was a true internal energy that could be used to cultivate internal energy that had always only existed in fantasy.
Physical attacks were useless against female ghosts, but that did not mean that internal force was also useless.
Of course, it was just as Chu Ming had expected. He still needed Chu Ming to verify it.