Devour the Starry Sky and become a god


On Planet Blue, he was the Radiant Lamphouse that led the people of Planet Blue to the universe. In the primitive universe, he was the great leader that allowed the human race to dominate the universe sea and transcend the cycle of reincarnation. On the Origin Continent, he was the idol of many powers...

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The Martial God World


A young man who had walked out of a small city at the border, starting from the mysterious style of cultivating the ancient stone tablet, was singing all the way, creating a world that belonged to him...

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Immortal Cultivator!


The street wandered across the other world and possessed the young master of a noble family. His mind was filled with a broken talisman technique that was not perfect at the moment, and there were some evil thoughts hidden in his heart. He also saw that he had found a source in the cruel cultivation world, and he swore to be a tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk...

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I'm pretending to be the Divine Divination of Heavenly Secrets in the Mystic Illusionary Realm.


With the system, could transmigrators definitely be the seventy-two concubines of the Three Palaces and Six Academies? Su Li had once thought so. He had originally only wanted to hug the Holy Maiden's thigh and eat soft food, or be an otherworldly expert, with countless experts loyal to him...

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Supergod monster


This was a lowly god that had been suppressed for tens of thousands of years. This was a monster with thick skin that was as thick as a city wall. Whoever provoked it would suffer. This was a savior who had been involved in the disputes of the secular world and had the responsibility of reconstructing the Immortal Realm. His name was Yun Feiyang, and one...

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Mortal Cultivation Immortal Cultivation


An ordinary village kid had accidentally entered a small sect in the local martial arts world and become an in-name disciple. With his status, how could he establish himself in the sect and enter the ranks of the Immortal Cultivators with his mediocre aptitude? From there...

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The Star Devouring Supreme Being asked.


In the Star Devouring World, Luo Feng proudly said, "My Senior Brother Xia is the strongest! The number one monster in the history of mankind! In the Snow Eagle Lord's world, the Snow Eagle said excitedly, "Big Brother Xia, you are my idol since I was young! I want to join..."

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Heavenly Emperor Asura


Eight years ago, the Thunder Ancient City had changed overnight. The Young City Lord, Qin Ming, had bet on the Green Cloud Sect as a servant, and 200,000 people had rushed into Green Mountain to become slaves. Eight years later, the tempering spirit entered martial arts, the Asura awakened, and the unyielding youth rose up against the heavens. Give me a saber...

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Martial Dao Supreme Martial Artist


Wang Chen, who possessed the Divine Martial Bloodline, shouldered a heavy burden and stepped onto martial arts with the hatred of his clan. He killed his enemies, sought martial arts, and led his clan to decline...

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Mortal Cultivation Immortal World


Mortals cultivated the Immortal Realm, and the wind and clouds rose again. Time and space shuttled, and the cycle of reincarnation reversed. Golden Immortal Taiyi, Dao Ancestor Zenith Heaven. Three thousand Great Daos, Supreme Martial Artist of Laws. The Immortal World section of Mortal Cultivation, a story of Han Li from the Immortal World, a mortal...

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This cheat was too stupid.


"Marquis, what do you think? Looking at the stupid woman smiling on the throne, you have an inexplicable impulse in your heart. No, no, no! I can't be impulsive! William's head is shaking like a rattle drum."

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I have a Devil Refining Gourd.


Heaven and earth were furnaces, Yin and Yang were charcoal. Who would have thought that this was the legendary ancient divine artifact, the Demon Purification Pot?! He had just transmigrated, and before he even ate a mouthful of fragrant soft rice, Han Feng had no choice but to refine demons with his hands...

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Eternal Immortal Sky


Earth's Chess Saint Ancient Sea, entering the cultivation continent, using the path of chess to fill the sky with Heavenly Gods and Buddhas. Using Heavenly Gods and Buddhas as chess pieces, three thousand Great Daos as chessboards, setting up the world, dominating longevity!...

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Divine Throne


Legend has it that there is a divine throne in the world. Whoever possesses it will have an endless lifespan and the supreme power in the world. It is the final fate of all the experts in the world to fight. On the path to the divine throne, white bones...

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Emperor Asura


With a single thought, the world changed. With a single thought, the heavens were enraged. With a single palm strike, the wind and clouds moved, and with a single sword, an ancient tsunami! In order to avenge his family, he embarked on an endless path of slaughter. In order to rebuild the demon race, he splattered with blood. He held the Asura Sword in his hand and transformed into a cultivator...

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My Hu Xian's wife


The ordinary high school student, Liu Yi, had embarked on an extraordinary path of cultivation in his right hand because a cunning fox immortal had been sealed by the fairy. He came to cultivate, and the threads could counterattack! Come to cultivate, second...

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Divine Martial Awakening


A mysterious ancient book suddenly appeared in the consciousness of a young martial artist, containing the martial arts of the Martial God and the vast years of martial arts. The martial arts of the Martial God could repeat all the divine techniques of the Martial God. Martial arts, runes, alchemy, refining...

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The ninth place in the world


There were eight grandmist dao laws in the Endless Universe, and each of these eight dao laws was fused by a supreme expert. No one knew that there was a ninth dao law in the universe, and these dao rules broke through the grandmist path, allowing no one to touch them.

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Three inches of the world


He raised his head three feet without a god, and three inches in his palm was the human world. This was the fifth novel, Three Inches in the World, created after he heard "Immortal Defying" and "Demon Seeking" and "I want to seal the sky" and "Eternal Thought" and "Three Inches in the World"...

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The Eternal Emperor


The Heaven Devouring Supreme Martial Artist, Ling Xiao, the leader of the top ten Supreme Martial Artists of the War God Continent, had touched a peerless powerhouse in the Divine Spirit Realm, but he had died because of a good friend's trap and was reborn on the body of an ordinary youth ten thousand years later.

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Cultivation Tide


This was an era where science and martial arts were equal. After the Cataclysm, humans discovered the ancient Cultivation civilization and opened up a great Cultivation era. They also started the conquest of the Kunlun Realm! This was a crisis for humans...

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Gold Summoner


This was a world led by Summoners. In this world, Summoners were the most dazzling protagonists on the central stage. When the mysterious and unfathomable higher world became within reach, the glory and...

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Unparalleled Immortal Supremacy


Why did a person want to live? Living was to see more! Walking more and seeing more exciting things, it was not a pity to die! Ding Hao, the little boy from Earth, brought his original intention and walked up to become the Unparalleled Immortal Venerable...

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Sword Ruins


Ten thousand demons descended into the world, and chaos was imminent. A useless youth unexpectedly awakened the soul power of the Void World, and from then on, he activated the path of the Sword Reversal World and fought against the geniuses of the Infinite Worlds. His sword intent didn’t destroy the world, and he was the number one undefeated in history. With a single sword in hand...

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Ferron's macheteman.


The story of a traditional Chinese man taking a risk in Ferran, and looking at the truth of this world that was covered by the might of the gods, the extension of history, the mysteries of the voting, and the inside story of the God-Conferment had witnessed a huge change in the magical era...

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The Eternal Supreme Martial Artist


One of the Ten Great Titled Martial Emperors, Gu Feiyang, had fallen in the Sky Wave Mountain Range and reincarnated fifteen years later. He transformed into the Young Master of the Tianshui Kingdom, Li Yunxiao, and started a heaven-defying journey that fought against countless geniuses in the world. Ninth Grade Martial Dao...

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Legendary Patriarch


There was no true cruelty or brutality between races. There was only the survival and reproduction of a race. An unfamiliar soul descended into this desolate land with a heavenly treasure, becoming a small part...

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Eternal Saint Emperor


In this world, there was an Emperor's Throne that was supreme and dominating the world. In the myriad regions of the universe, thousands of races, and billions of living beings, all of them would bow down and claim to submit. The great heavenly geniuses of the world, the disputes of the myriad regions, competed for the Emperor's Throne, and competed for the most...

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Heaven Domain Divine Throne


The other geniuses were still immersed in their smugness and had finally started cultivating a martial art below them, but the protagonist had grasped too many superior martial arts techniques, so he had no choice but to keep a low profile and hide. The other large factions spent all their effort to finally discover a four-star god...

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Alchemy Sovereign Martial Monarch


A hundred thousand white-clothed cultivators raised their sabers to suppress the Heavenly Gate! A million evil spirits raised their coffins to fight against Kunlun! The phoenix crown glowed with multicolored light, the blood-clothed withered face, and the bone lamp’s blood-red candle illuminated the cycle of reincarnation! A thousand years ago, a God Emperor dominated the Hundred Race Battlefield, split open the Myriad Era Holy Court, and charged into the supreme...

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Demon Territory


When a hero drew his sword in one day, it was another ten years of tribulation. However, the most elegant and prosperous person in the world was not comparable to a bit of cinnabar between your eyebrows...

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My master only broke through at the end of his lifespan.


Master, it was my disciple's incompetence that prevented you from breaking through before the end of your lifespan. Don't worry, I won't die either. Xu Fan looked at his sorrowful disciple and said with a smile. It was my disciple's incompetence that prevented him from obtaining a few more...

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Soul Crown


His soul came to this world naked and started from the bloodline of the werewolves, putting on a crown for him...

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Invincible True Loneliness


Lin Fan came to the other side and became an ordinary disciple of glory. He was originally in a situation where he could be beaten to a pulp at any time, but suddenly, something went wrong. System activated. Ding: Drawing Eternal Buff: Undying...

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Grandmaster of Martial Hero


An Inner Fist Realm expert entered the world of martial arts. From then on, there was a group of national martial arts experts in the world of martial arts, and more large grandmasters.

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Martial Dao Universe


A genius who had been abandoned had to cultivate with all his might and vow to rise to prominence. He had to become a tyrant in a world where the strong were respected. Lin Ruo, who wanted to cultivate, went to the cultivation holy land to register. If he wanted to become a disciple, he would be sloppy...

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I have a book of Demon Subduing.


The female ghost drew the skin and lighted the lamp. The thousand-year-old ancient corpse was knocking on the door. The white snake on the eaves was on the verge of leaving, and the demon spirit under the bed was afraid of making a sound. The opening of the game held the Demon Subduing Manual in its hand, and the capital of the rankings was someone by the pillow...

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Battle Lord Xuan Tian


The Eight Desolates Sweeping Six Directions, and I am the only one in the world! Hugging the goddess and hugging the demoness, all the evil beauties submitted to his feet! He, who was suffering from discrimination from his family, would occasionally obtain the Spiritual Bead to recognize him as its master. From then on, he would defy the heavens and break his fate, shattering all of his previous humiliation! Relying on a secret...

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Demon Supreme Martial Artist


Rebirth of nirvana, reappearing as a demon emperor! A silly prince consort waved his body and transformed into a demon emperor, dual cultivating demonic arts and primordial arts, demonic awe-inspiring the world! Stepping on a villain, recruiting a little brother, taking in a beauty, and achieving the path of the strongest demonic path!

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Strange Immortals...


The strange Heavenly Dao, the abnormal Immortal Buddha, was real? Was it fake? Li Huowang, who had fallen into a daze, could not be distinguished. However, he could not be distinguished by just these things. There was also himself. He was sick, and he was very sick...

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