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The number one Grandmaster in history


After passing through, there was also a system, but Lin Feng was under a lot of pressure. The main mission of the system was to establish a sect and establish the number one sect in history. Lin Feng himself became the number one ancestor, so he became the number one ancestor in history...

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Mo Daoyuan


It was an aristocratic family that had withered for thousands of years, and a youth that should have been consigned to eternal damnation. When he was at the lowest point of his life, he faced the twists and turns of fate. He relied on his own strength to travel thousands of miles with his sword. He did not let go and advanced to the peak step by step. Success...

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Martial Hero


The Dragon Princess's appearance was cold and her heart was burning with passion. People who practiced the Heart of Desire were like this. As long as they could achieve three points, they would be able to teach her well: One, persevere; two, push down; three, persevere and push down. Ren Yingying was a proud little girl, her heart...

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Burning Heaven


The golden silkworm Gu grew two wings in the cave, and the dragon and tiger in the cauldron spewed out clouds. With a single sword strike, it could travel tens of millions of miles, and the clouds were about to leave the Eight Desolates...

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Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Dragon Subduing Tiger


Dragon, Soaring the Nine Heavens, Soaring the Heavens, Soaring the World. Tiger, Howling the Mountain Forest, King’s Might. Hao Xiong, descendants of the White Tiger King’s bloodline and the Nine-Winged Heavenly Dragon’s bloodline, because the Six Dao Meridian Sealing Technique locked down the meridians, they were destined to be ordinary for the rest of their lives. A miraculous soul...

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Legendary of Wonderry


Wonderland's wonder, unrivalled legend. The book was one of the five halberd legends, followed by Mr. Wu Ji's "Legend of the Martial Forest", "Legend of the Jianghu", "Legend of the Divine Province". The book described "Wolin Wan"...

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Dragon Spear Legend 1: Space-Time Manual


The former Dragon Spear Hero Kalamon was left unscathed by his younger brother, Reslin, on the path of darkness, and became a complete drunkard. The white-robed priest, Cleshana, thought that she could enlighten Reslin and come to look for Karamon's help...

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The origin of the Aowu Technique


Theology had its own origin. Science had its own origin, and so did the Aowu. This was the worst time in this world, and it was also the best time. The Cultivationless Age was coming to an end, and magic power was returning...

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Asura Killing Dao


The broken world, the broken cycle of reincarnation. When Yang Chen was sucked into the Asura Dao, he didn't know that a legend had quietly been born. If strength was respected in this world, then I would use my fists to break this cruel...

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Extraordinary Legends


There were tens of thousands of planets, and countless cultivations. The battle for Dao Evolution had lasted for thousands of years. The Favored's Little Master, Mi Xiaoshu, had been exterminated and thrown into a vast river of fate. He possessed a Favored treasure and had the help of a Daoist eccentric.

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Brilliance: Become a brocade guard


It was a set of flying fish clothes and a spring embroidery knife. As soon as the embroidered robe appeared, Xie Xie retreated! During the past ten thousand years, the cabinet leader, Zhang Jue, was about to die. Qi Jiliang was transferred away, and the rebellious Zhu Yun forced a mining tax to abolish the new government. The three major missions were about to begin...

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Little Li Feidao 3: Nine Moons Eagle (Up and down)


It was rumored in Jianghu that after the death of the gang leader, Shangguan Jinhong, the Money Gang, had collected their wealth and martial arts mental arts techniques in a very secret place. The people in Jianghu also said that only...

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The nuclear-powered Sword Immortal


On the shore, a hundred-meter stargate shone brightly. Outside the stargate, there was an army made of steel that stretched as far as the eye could see. In the sky, a fighter jet flew across the sky and interweaved iron curtains. In the distant ocean, aircraft motherships...

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Yuan Long


The Primordial Spirit World was filled with mystic illusions and magical mysteries. Clans grew everywhere, and sects stood tall. Experts appeared one after another, and experts were as common as the clouds. Wang Sheng, the ace sniper, transmigrated to the Primordial Spirit World and bumped into the most inferior carp remnant soul, becoming a bully...

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Vajra Invincible Stronghold Master


He practiced a mouthful of Nine Yang Qi and a body of Vajra Bone on the outside. He held the Nine Ring Saber on his back and rolled his head to the ground with a wave of his hand. The burly body of the Great Village Lord Jiang Li sat quietly on the carved rosewood chair, and his tiger skin was covered in protruding bulges...

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Mechanical Emperor


In the main plane where a Warlock controlled everything, powerful Warlocks possessed terrifying power that could overturn rivers and overturn seas. They captured gods, enslaved demons, and plundered one plane after another, flourishing to the extreme...

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Fish Mansion Whisper 2


Yu Ji, famous capture, cat demon, fox, and the four of them helped to cook wine and tea in the Qingcheng Fish Mansion to tell stories. They opened their fantasy journey and told them about the floating forms. Whether they were humans or demons, even Exalted Goddess couldn't escape the net of love. Granny...

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Magic Guide Armament


Oh my god! It's a new book again. Oh! The Demon Guide Armament is an interesting story, right?

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I'm Louisian.


What was worse than you finding out that you were Louisian when you were still swung? Of course, there was. For example, it was a magical version...

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The Southern Emperor’s Sword slashed through the stars, shattering the stars. The Northern Emperor’s Bow’s calamity broke through the heavens, and where was the mysterious third Forbidden Artifact? It was rumored that the three Forbidden Artifacts could dominate the world, as if they could gather one person...

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Ancient Body Strengthening Technique (Beauty Painting)


A person who brought a series of supplementary cultivation techniques with the ancient powerful body technique and the path of survival to transmigrate to the Nine Continents Continent. Whether or not he could stand at the top of this world, the twelve beautiful paintings represented the twelve most magnificent and peerless...

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Nine True Nine Yangs


Su Fang, who had failed to break through to the next realm, had his meridians distorted and deformed. He had become a cripple and would never be able to cultivate again. However, he had unexpectedly obtained a magical ancient mirror. In the depths of the ancient mirror, he had encountered a powerful existence from a mysterious world...

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After becoming a Daoist doctor


The Chinese medical student who stayed up late to cultivate was lying on the ground. When he woke up again, he had already reached the beginning of the Tang Dynasty! He discovered that this was not the Tang Dynasty in the history textbook, nor was it the mythical Tang Dynasty in the Western Travels. However, to his surprise...

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Tang Sect's experts were in another world.


He would rather meet the Yama King than provoke Tang Menglang! As he walked in the darkness, he was a despicable yet undisguised Soul-Hooking Envoy! A Tang Sect disciple was reborn into a story formed by a sect made up of women...

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Immortal Vanquishing


There were no immortals in this world, but since the ancient times, humans had seen all sorts of strange things around them. Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, thunderstorms stormed, and natural disasters and man-made disasters. There were countless casualties. It was no place for humans...

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Undying Dragon Emperor


In the land of the Divine Continent, thousands of races fought for supremacy, bloodline warriors rampaged. In the battle between the strong, the sky shattered, and the stars died! The young man came from the Northern Desert Rakshasa Coffin, and only the world knew what the strongest bloodline was! Massitian lied and cursed him for a lifetime. He was the only one...

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Dou Luo Continent’s peerless Tang Meng (Duo Luo Continent’s 2 peerless Tang Meng)


There was no magic here, no battle aura, no martial arts, but a martial soul. In the Door of Tang ten thousand years after the establishment of the Douluo Continent, the Tang style was insignificant. A generation of heavenly geniuses appeared out of thin air, and the new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters could revive the Tang Gate. According to the records...

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Twin Soul Summoner


Lu Yi, who had transmigrated to another world, discovered that he had two souls that could condense two soul balls and seal two summoned beasts. His spiritual power was also much higher than that of ordinary people, but it was precisely because of this special state that he cultivated...

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Grandmaster of the Martial Dao


First, don't laugh at the title of the book. Second, don't laugh at the cover of the book. Third, don't laugh at the introduction. If everyone were to laugh at the first three sentences, it meant that the style of the book should be quite suitable for you. Here, martial arts is no longer empty...

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Divine Book


Divine runes were a civilization left behind from ancient times. They were extremely complicated, and every word contained heaven and earth. The people of this world studied divine runes and used divine runes to engrave books into ancient ruins, opening the Spiritual Wisdom Grotto, and walking towards a unique path of cultivation. One page...

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Snow Eagle Lord


The abyssals descended and the guests of the other world were lurking at this world. However, this was a world ruled by the Xia Clan! The Xia Clan’s experts were fighting in all directions, patrolling the sea of heaven and earth, killing all threats! These strong...

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Shadow Shadow Hunter


This was a world that combined countless movies and televisions. Wizards were reborn from the tomb of Pharaoh, and Baron Devil grew up under the nurturing of the federation. The mist of Silent Hill quietly expanded, and the sleeping ancient giant god on the ground was about to...

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A sword strike from Ling Chen


One, one, two, two, three, three, all living things. Energy maintains, all living things in the world become one, all living things become Dao. All living things have karmic luck, all source, and the original intention of intercepting them is tribulation...

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Magical Beast Battle God


The God of Palms was killed and fell into the mortal world. He lost all his divinity. If he wanted to return to the Heavenly Dao, he had to start cultivating from mortals. He had to become an Emperor in a hundred battles, become a God in a thousand battles, reach the peak of the War God Realm, enter the Immortal Realm, undergo tribulation to become an Emperor, ascend to a God...

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The Barbarian God of the Grand Desolate Plateau


The young man from Earth descended from the other world with the Demon Lord's inheritance, allowing him to be a relative. He used God as his bone, swallowed the Nine Nether Devouring Yin and Yang, and dominated the Wilderness! Cultivating the Sacred Martial Stage, tempering the body, slaughtering the gods and slaying all buddhas, and turning the world upside down into an emperor!

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The fourth imperial capital of Zichuan praised.


The invasion of the demon army was like a hot knife cutting through butter, and the Ironblood Emperor Lin created the legends of the imperial capital. When they were in danger, life and death depended on each other, and the heroes of the women were like a wind or a thousand gold coins. The Marquis of Mirage, the iron-blooded man, wrote a human song together. Taking advantage of the victory to pursue, Purple...

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I'm a corpse collector in the cultivation world.


Chen Shen transmigrated into a world of immortals and became the corpse collector of the immortal sect, burying the dead disciples every day. Burial the seventh level of Qi Cultivation disciples, obtain the immortal dao cultivation technique, immortal dao experience, and obtain a portion of the spirit root. Below...

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Dao Fate Floating Diagram


Who was young, who was boiling wine to tease him? They held their waists and were invited along with the boat. Yan Tian and the profligate son's days were originally comfortable. They walked on the horse's platform, poured water, and had nothing to do to cultivate the Dao. Unexpectedly, they were swept into an immortal style...

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The Eternal Emperor


The Heaven Devouring Supreme Martial Artist, Ling Xiao, the leader of the top ten Supreme Martial Artists of the War God Continent, had touched a peerless powerhouse in the Divine Spirit Realm, but he had died because of a good friend's trap and was reborn on the body of an ordinary youth ten thousand years later.

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Xuan Gate is not authentic.


When a world cultivated, one had to have a perfect physical body to replenish one’s soul. After that, the Yin Soul would leave one’s body to absorb the essence of heaven and earth. When the King abandoned his cultivation, he would be able to absorb the essence of heaven and earth from the beginning of his cultivation.

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